How To Melt The Crayons With A Hair Dryer? 7 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to melt the crayons with a hair dryer? You can melt the crayon by setting the hairdryer on the low heat setting and holding the crayon on the other hand; continue heating the crayon till the crayons melt entirely.

To make abstract pictures, it is better to move your hand over the page. Experiment with varieties of color schemes and layering colors on top of colors. It’s best to melt crayons with a thriving location. Making a drawing with melted crayons looks beautiful, especially children enjoy making crayons color drawing by melting them. If you are interested in this article and want to learn more about how to melt crayons with the help of a hairdryer, read this article. Let’s have a deep look at the methods of melting crayons with your dryer.

how to melt the crayons with a hair dryer


Steps To Melt The Crayons With A Hair Dryer

Art by using melted crayons is a simple and enjoyable activity for individuals who enjoy being creative. It’s pretty simple, yet the ultimate product may be breathtaking. It’s no surprise that the trend is so popular! You just used a blow dryer to produce melted crayon art, as well as crayons and a doubt the procedure have the mess and slightly different outcomes, but they can also be enjoyable to the eye. Here are some steps on how to melt the crayons with a hair dryer:


Step #1. Get your things

For melting the crayons, first, get your supplies like the canvas of any thickness and crayons of any size according to the canvas length; a hairdryer and a glue gun are all required. Cover the canvas with a t-shirt, newspaper, and a blanket to avoid waxy stains. Wrap the surface above any spot you believe it becomes filthy. Remember to cover yourself as well! This procedure should not include hot colored wax on your hands and skin or beautiful clothes.


Step #2. Sort the crayons out

Split the crayons into groups. Sort by what you’re looking for. Sunset is a popular pattern, so arrange the crayons within the sunset’s design when you select with that. Many individuals use varying shades of such hue, while others arrange their crayons from brightest to darkest. You have complete control over the configuration. Just keep in mind you have more than enough to coat the canvas’ standard top. It’s almost as lovely to use the same colors over and over.


Step #3. By using hot glue

Most people leave the covers on, while others remove them, but both methods work. You can choose to split the crayons in half after unwrapping them. This gives it a more natural appearance and prevents the 3 inches from the top of your canvas from being covered in crayons.


Step #4. Slant the canvas

Leaning your crayons with a wall is a popular notion. If you decide to rest it with a wall, tie the newsprint towards the wall to prevent any mishaps.


Step #5. Use a hairdryer to blow crayons

The easiest way to get the wax of the crayons to drip is to aim the air dryer below them. Keep in mind that this is going to be an ugly situation! However, it depends on how long your newspapers are adequately spread out, and it shouldn’t care how untidy they get. You may use birthday candles to speed up the melting process. It’s a little riskier because the candle wax pours all over the place. A candle would be a better option unless you’d prefer to remain filthy than stressed in a hurry. A heat gun, which can be found with most creative specialty shops, is indeed a faster option. Know how to melt crayons with a hairdryer.


Step #6. Set the dryer temperature

Raise your canvas upright at a mild angle when you’ve pasted down all of the crayons. It came from a glass of water. Make sure the lowest border of your paper is covered. Switch on your hairdryer. Bring your hairdryer to a lower speed setting, or you can also use the diffuser at the nozzle of the hairdryer; otherwise, the wax will splatter all over the place. Concentrate your heat on colors. They will rapidly become wet and begin to flow across the canvas. You may regulate the speed of the drips by tilting the canvas. Once you’re happy with how it looks, set it aside to dry for a few moments before showing it to anyone.


Step #7. Clean up the work

Clean the crayons and gather any solidified wax that has dripped into less-than-ideal spots. If wanted, color in anything you wish. Show off your work! Put it on Social media, or have a family member come over to see it. Make your originality know he’ll adore it! It’ll be the same with the kids!


It’s  A Wrap!

We were happy that you all learned about how to melt the crayons with a hair dryer. If you want to soften the crayons by using a hairdryer and you don’t know how to use it, don’t panic; we have mentioned all the steps that help you melt the crayons by using a hairdryer. Read related articles; know how to use hair brush dryer and how to use a hair dryer diffuser.

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