How To Measure Windows For Curtains? 4 Easy Steps!

Don’t know how to measure windows for curtains? We got you!

In the preceding readings, we will teach you the process of window measurement.

how to measure windows for curtains

Seasons holiday and special occasions push you to decorate your home.

That’s why beautifying the interior house is a long-time norm that conveys a warm welcome to guests.

One of the noticeable orients is the curtain in the house.

Curtains give a whole new vibe and radiant surroundings wherefore they are still trendy up until today.

In achieving the best aesthetic, perfect matching, even placement, and accurate proportion of curtains to window’s dimension are a must.

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Steps To Measure Windows For Curtains

How to measure windows for curtains?

Measuring windows yourself might be hard for you if you have no background or knowledge about this kind of stuff.

Although you have all the measuring materials, having ideas on what to do first and what matters to consider are required.

The following are the general steps on how to measure the windows for curtains:


Step #1. Prepare measuring tools and materials

Before you proceed to the actual window measurement, you first need to prepare the tools.

You will need the following:

Measuring devices (tape, steel, or ruler), a straight rod, a pencil and paper, and a chair.

Get the tools near you or at a higher place which you can hand them easily.

Be intuitive. It is best to find a straight rod that is approximately longer than the window’s width for a more accurate measurement.

The chair is optional, but you should have it if you think the window’s vertical length is higher than your height.


Step #2.  Know the curtain dimensions

Knowing the dimension of the curtain you will use is significant since it will make your job easier in the fourth step of this guide.

After preparing the needed materials, you can now measure your choice’s curtain using an available measuring device for you.

It is expected that the curtain’s dimensions are wider than the window.

Keep in mind that it’s okay if both width and length look vastly compared to the window area.


Determining the curtain dimensions

Although most of the curtains have a rectangle shape, you might also want to use an irregular-shaped one.


Regular curtains

For regular curtains, measure the width by placing your measuring tape on the top right of the rod pocket.

Manage to stably plot the tape or ruler until the left edge of the curtain.

Repeat the process in measuring for length from top right to bottom edge.

Afterwards, record the values you have measured.


Irregular curtains

On the other hand, irregular shape curtain measurement is somehow similar to the regular ones.

Except that your reference for size to determine the longest length is the center of the curtain.


Step #3.  Measure the dimension of the window

In measuring the window, you need to be precise and focused.

The following information is the process of measuring windows for curtains:


Panel width and length

Some windows have external dimensions caused by corner designs.

If yours has one, you must include the “external frame dimensions” of your new windows to measure the total panel width.

Furthermore, you have to measure from the left panel of the window straight to the other panel on the right side using your measuring device repeatedly.

Similar to this, measure the window’s length from top to bottom. And then take note of the values.

You can measure the width and length twice for more accuracy and choose the longer value.


Secure allowance

It is necessary to provide the curtain rod with a 3.5 to 4 inches allowance sideways of the window’s upper panel.

Moreover, rods should also have at least 2 inches and longer the width you just measured.

The side width allowance will give space to the curtain’s finals at both sides of the rod.

Additionally, the upper panel allowance will hide the rod from reflecting on the other side of the window and add a pleasant view.

Aside from that, the rod’s correct positioning on its center of gravity will minimize uneven placement of curtains to the window and avoid falling.


Step #4. Ratio the window and curtain measurement

Finally, after you record both the curtain and the accurate window’s measurement, you can now do the proportionate.

Compare both of the measurements you have noted.

The width of the window panel must be half of the width of your curtain.

Or in other terms, the curtain should be twice the length of your window’s width.

This matter will ensure the curtain’s delicate and lively texture along the rod when set up, otherwise flat and plain.


Tips In Measuring

  • The panel, corner designs, and any frame extenders would all need to be measured;
  • Use one number system (Metric or English system) throughout the measurement to avoid confusion; and
  • Always measure more than once to minimize the dimension discrepancy with regards to exact window dimensions.

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Regardless, that is all.


Final Words

To do the job correctly, you don’t need any specialized equipment or a skilled craftsman.

You only have to develop self-confidence and an article guide.

Who would have thought that accurate “do it yourself” window measurement for curtains is possible?

Therefore, we do hope that we helped you a lot on how to measure windows for curtains. It is such an honor that you reached this last part of the article.

We greatly appreciate your effort and time.