6 Easy and Simple Steps on How to Make Swags and Tail Curtains

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to make swags and tail curtains. You can use these curtains for a variety of purposes, from adding decoration to your windows or doors, as part of a theatrical set design, or even just as an attractive window treatment in the bedroom.

Curtains can be expensive, so why not give them a try yourself? It’s really easy if you follow my 5 step process!

how to make swags and tail curtains

Steps on Making Swags and Tails Curtains

Step One: Cut two lengths of fabric that are about twice the length you want your curtain to be. You’ll need short pieces, too – about a foot or so in width. The first step is to cut out some swags and tails from your fabrics! I recommend using either one or two different types of fabric per swag and tail.

Step Two: Measure and mark how long you want the swags to hang by holding them up against your window, spacing them out evenly on either side of where you want the curtain rod to be placed. Tie a piece of string around one end at this point so that it will serve as a guide for where to tie off the swags.

Step Three: Start with the two long pieces of fabric and tie one end to the string you just created at whichever height you want your swag to hang from.

Tie a piece of string around this point, too, which will serve as where to tie off the tail on that side of the window frame. The next step is to tie the long fabric pieces together, near where they are now tied off.

Step Four: Start with each of your short fabrics and wrap one end around the other so there is an equal amount of fabric on either side. Tie it in a knot at that point, which will serve as how far down you want this swag or tail to hang.

Step Five: Begin tying the short fabric pieces together, knotting them at points where you want your swags or tails to hang from. You can experiment with how close these knots are and how far down they should be on each side of the window frame before tying off one end so that there is equal fabric dangling all around the frame.

Step Six: Continue knotting the short fabric pieces together with an equal number of knots, making sure to hang them at different lengths so that they can be seen from all angles in a room.


Strategies for hanging your swags and tails curtains

A rod on either side of the window (or one rod on each side of the window) for a traditional look.

A rod or curtain rings at the top and bottom, using metal or wooden rods to hang them from one end so that they can have some movement in this direction.

When you are satisfied with how your curtains look, tie off one end and cut any excess fabric. Hang your swags and tail curtains, and enjoy how they look from the inside or outside of a window!


How to Wash Swags and Tails Curtains

Swags and tail curtains are beautiful, but they can easily get dirty when they’re hung near a window. If you don’t want to replace them with new ones every year or two, there’s no need! You can wash your swags and tail curtains regularly so that the dirt doesn’t build up over time.

Step One: Hang your swags and tail curtains up in a window or doorway to air them out for several hours.

Step Two: Mix together one cup of cool water, ¼ teaspoon liquid dish soap, and ½ gallon of warm water.

Step Three: Fill a sink with the soapy mixture and put your swags and tail curtains in it, submerging them completely.

Step Four: Wring out your curtains and then place them in the washing machine with some towels or other clothes to remove excess water.
Step Five: Dry on a low heat cycle, if desired, for best results.


Tip For Effective Cleaning of Swags and Tails Curtains

Swags and tails curtains are a great way to add drama and decor to your windows. But how can you be sure that they will stay looking their best for years? There’s one simple tip: regular cleaning!

Following these five easy steps, you’ll know exactly what needs to happen to keep those curtains looking perfect for years to come.

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

Before you get started, make sure that you have everything on hand so that your cleaning process will be quick and easy. You’ll need a vacuum cleaner with an attachment nozzle, a lint roller or tape measure (to find the top of the curtain), a spray bottle with water, and paper towels.

Step Two: Vacuum the Swags and Tails Curtains

Be sure to vacuum all of the curtains before you start anything else – this will loosen any dirt or dust that’s been difficult to remove without cleaning them first. When using your vacuum cleaner, be careful not to get the nozzle too close to your curtains – you don’t want any dirt or dust particles getting stuck in them.

Step Three: Get Rid of All Dust, Dirt, and Pet Hair

Now that your curtain is clean from a vacuum cleaner, it’s time to start using lint rollers (or tape measures) if there are any dirt or dust particles that the vacuum cleaner didn’t pick up. A lint roller is best if you have a pet, as it will pull out all of their hair – but be sure to use them carefully and not press too hard on your curtain so they don’t rip

Step Four: Spritz Them with Water

Now that your curtains are lint-free, it’s time to start spritzing them with water. Use a spray bottle or just get some liquid from the sink and run it over the fabric of your curtain – but be careful not to soak it too much!