How To Make Soundproofing Curtains? 5 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to make soundproofing curtains?

You might be one of those people who cannot sleep with too much noise.

how to make soundproofing curtains

And wonder what you could do to make your space comfortable.

Well, you start by replacing your curtains with thicker ones.

But then these are not just ordinary curtains but those that are soundproof.

It can help you big time in so many ways.

You sure know that curtains are keeping too much heat and light get into your room, but it also helps you make your room look good.

It can also help you block even the noise from the outside of the windows.

Take your worries away because we will help you out by providing answers to your questions.


Steps To Make Sound Proofing Curtains

You might think it is impossible to have a soundproof curtain, but this article will tell you otherwise.

It is impressive to have such curtains but do you know how to make one of those curtains?

If you don’t, do not worry because we will help you figure out what you should do to make those curtains.

We have here steps for you on how to make soundproofing curtains.

Follow them carefully and make sure you make every step right, or it will go wrong.


Step #1. Get the measurements

The first thing you always need to do is get a measuring tape and do the measurements for your window.

Measure the width and the height of your curtains based on how you measure one for basic curtains. It is just the same.

Spare some different measurements on the sides length and the top part so that the curtain will fully cover the window.

In the way you are doing this with the glass door, make sure that it touches the floor or adds an inch or two.

The more area it covers, the more possibilities that it can absorb and block the sounds that come through it.


Step #2. The width

Your second step will focus more on the width since it is a significant factor. It will affect the process big.

Whatever the width of your curtain is you, double it.

That will make the curtain thicker and even more efficient based on its purpose.

For example, if your width measures 10 feet, you should add another 10 feet to work better as soundproof curtains.

Do not forget to add extra 2 inches on each side to have them.

As for the bottom part, it is up to you to decide if how long do you want to add.


Step #3. Pin and sew

The next thing you need to do is fold and set your curtains.

You are free to do whatever you want with your curtains that you feel will look good in your room.

Now, pin around the areas and sew.

The top and bottom of the curtains have a 2-inch hem of curtains. And half an inch hem on each side of the width.

Leave more spaces on top and sew 2 – 3 inches in there, leaving the sides open, creating a rod pocket on your curtains.

Lastly, if you do not want to sew curtains, you better buy hemming tape and put up the curtains.

It will help you have a permanent hem because the hemming tape is permanent and washable.


Step #4. Insert the rod

You can insert the curtain rod in there right on the area where you made a rod pocket earlier.

Ensure that it covers the whole area of the rod to see it is suitable or not on the window where you should place it.


Step #5. Hang the curtains

The last step you need to do is hang the curtains on the window by making some holes and attaching hooks to it.

In that way, you will be able to hang it nicely on the window.

You can then try it out if it does work.

If it does, pat yourself on your back and if it is not working, review the steps and try to fix it again or add another layer.

You can always backtrack the steps that we tackled earlier.

Maybe you can take a screen capture of it.

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Why Should You Try This One Out?

Doing DIY projects will help you become more resourceful and creative.

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