How To Make Chair Bows In 3 Quick And Easy Methods

Learning how to make chair bows is a fantastic way to spice up the decor for an event. By simply wrapping a piece of fabric around a chair’s backrest, you could amplify the beauty and set the mood for something as simple as a family reunion to a huge, grand wedding.

What do you need in making a chair bow? How do you make the bow look unique and interesting? Continue reading to find the answer to these questions and learn more about creating a chair bow!

how to make chair bows


How To Create Chair Bows

There are a number of ways to make a sash for a chair bow. However, the most common sashes are made with burlap fabric and lace fabric.

Cut burlap fabric into pieces, depending on the width of the chair’s back. For most chairs, a length of 3 yards will do.

Lay the burlap fabric straight on a flat surface, and prepare your lace fabric of the same length. Place the lace fabric in the middle of the burlap, and glue the ends together. Glue every 3 to 6 inches until you reach the other end of the materials.

If you don’t want to make a sash, you can buy fabrics or even use scarves as an alternative. Just make sure that they are long enough to be wrapped around the chair’s backrest.


Tying The Bow Around The Chair

Before attaching the chair bow, make sure that any glue used is completely dry. Wrap the fabric around the chair’s back. If possible, you should ask someone to help you keep the sash in place.

Once wrapped, take the fabric and make a knot at the back of the chair. Take both ends and create two loops, and put the left loop over the right loop.

Pull the left loop into the hole you just made to create a standard bow. Adjust the tails and loops by tugging and pulling gently.

Smooth out any creases for a clean look. Trim any excess fabric if they are too long.

Afterward, you will end up with a simple yet beautiful bow for your chair. However, you can get even more creative when it comes to designing.


Designing Your Chair Bow

In designing your chair bow, you have three different methods to upgrade its look. You can change the fabric, change the knot, or change the position of the bow. By combining the adjustments from these three methods, you can get an endless amount of possible styles and moods.


Method #1. Changing the fabric

Changing the fabric will change the overall mood that your chair bow gives. You can choose patterned scarves for a more boho look or the standard burlap and linen for a rustic, homely look. You can try dupioni silk, laces, satin, tulle, or chiffon fabrics for a fancier feel.

Of course, changing the colors will also affect the overall look of your chair. Black and white fabrics will make your chairs look modern and fancy.

Reds will be best for a romantic event. However, the color of your fabric should match and complement all other decorations in your area.

Instead of long, thin fabric, you can also use a big cloth piece to cover the chair’s backrest. After wrapping the backrest with the fabric, you can tie a knot of your choosing at the back.


Method #2. Changing the knot

There are a myriad of knots to choose from when it comes to chair bows. You can do the standard bow, as taught before. You can also knot the chair bow twice for a more simple, minimalistic look.

For fancier and more formal events, consider using a double-loop bow or a square knot. For an upgraded look, you can opt for a square knot. You can even turn your knot into a rosette.

You can also decorate the knot itself. Place an ornament, flower, or brooch through the knot and adjust the loops and tails of the bow. You can also place a slider buckle for an even more formal, fancy look.


Method #3. Changing the position of the bow

Changing the placement of the bow creates interest and uniqueness compared to having the knots dead center. You can create a different look just by pulling your knot to one side. Before pulling the knot off-center, make sure it’s tight and secure to keep the bow from falling apart.

You can also adjust the height of the sash. You should also take advantage of the kind of chair that you have.

If your chair’s backrest has railings, weave your sash through it before creating a bow to prevent it from sliding. If your chair has horizontal bars, you can try wrapping your fabric vertically before making a bow to create more interest.



Learning how to make chair bows is a great skill for those planning events and gatherings. Although a simple decoration, chair bows can increase the beauty and the feel of the venue. By mixing up the fabric, the chair bow’s position, and the knot used, you can have infinite ways of making your event more beautiful.

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