How to Make Candles in a Microwave

Candles are easy to do even at home. But did you know you can make candles in a microwave? If you haven’t heard of this, then you are lucky. In this article, we will show you how to make candles in a microwave.


candles in a microwave

Is it possible to make candles in a microwave?

The answer to this question is yes. You can make candles in a microwave. People have been using microwaves nowadays but the only thing they use them for is heating up their food or brewing coffee. But did you know that you can actually turn your microwave into a low-temperature wax melter?


How do I make candles in a microwave?

Making candles in a microwave isn’t hard at all. There are several steps that should be done carefully, though, so that you will not ruin the wax and just end up with chunks of wax on your countertop or floor. Let’s take a look at each step below:

  1. a) Turn on the oven to its lowest setting (usually somewhere 200F and 300F). Do not use the preset buttons.
  2. b) Place the wax in a heat-resistant bowl and place it in the microwave. Do not put the wax on the oven’s rack.
  3. c) Set your timer to ten minutes or so depending on how big or small your container is.
  4. d) Take out the container every minute or so, swirl it around, test its temperature by dipping your fingers in it (only for a few seconds), and continue microwaving until the wax melts completely.
  5. e) Once melted, add your favorite essential oil or scented oils into it. This will give it a sweet smell that you will enjoy while you are working away at home with the candles that you just made through this process.
  6. f) Pour your wax into candle molds and let them cool overnight.
  7. g) Once solidified, you can now take the candles out of their molds and enjoy them!

It’s not really that hard to make candles in a microwave. Just follow the steps given above and you will get your very own wax candles. And once they’re gone, simply repeat the process again until you get bored or run out of materials.


How do I clean up after making candles in a microwave?

Once you are finished making your candles, be sure to have a trash bin nearby because there is going to be lots of wax all over the place! And when we say “all over,” we mean it. You could have some spilled on your countertop or table so be prepared to use a wet rag, towel, or paper towels to wipe it off. There could still be chunks of wax on your floor if you were not careful enough so make sure that you get rid of those immediately so you won’t slip and fall.

BE VERY CAREFUL! Candle-making can be very dangerous. Always know what you are doing before proceeding with the instructions given above.


More Tips in Making Candles in a Microwave

  • Do not leave the microwave unattended while melting your wax
  • Do not overheat your wax
  • Never heat up any containers that are made out of plastic or aluminum.
  • Always start with small amounts first to see if they melt completely without leaving chunks behind
  • Never put any water into the microwaves as this will cause a fire (you should already know this because mentioned this earlier)
  • Only use essential oils if you are making scented candles. Never use cooking oils because they will ruin the wax
  • Always do a water test to see how fast your wax melts
  • Be very careful when cleaning up after you have made your candles!


Types of Wax You Can Use for Candles in a Microwave

Wax is wax. It doesn’t matter what type of wax you use for this process. Just make sure that the wax is your preferred consistency and color before using it to make candles in a microwave. You can use:

Beeswax: This type of wax is long-lasting and easy to work with when making candles in a microwave. But because this is made out of bee parts, it has a very distinct smell so if you don’t like it, then try another kind of wax instead (i.e., paraffin or soy).

Paraffin Wax: Like beeswax, paraffin also works really well when microwaving but the only difference is that we cannot extract this from bees so this has to be bought from stores. But aside from that, you can also use paraffin wax when making candles in a microwave.

Soy Wax: This is the newest type of wax. It’s odorless and this is why it’s very popular when used for making scented candles in a microwave. And because this isn’t made out of animal parts, you can use soy when microwaving without worrying about any odors mixing with your essential oils or fragrances, unless you are allergic to soy!



When making candles in a microwave, you should know that the amount of time and wax needed to melt will depend on how large your microwave is. And when microwaving, keep in mind that the candle’s wick should be facing up! If not, then it might catch fire so be sure to do a water test before actually proceeding with the instructions given above.

Last but not least: Never leave your microwave unattended while doing this process and always clean up after yourself because there could still be chunks of wax lying around! Doing this article was fun and we hope that you were able to learn something new from it too. Have a nice day!

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