How To Make A Wood Burning Heater? 2 Best Ways!

Do you want to know how to make a wood burning heater for winter or during colder days? Read this article and learn the two methods to make a wood burner at home. Discover more about how a wood-burning works and why it is efficient and allows you to save money!

There are several heating items sold in stores that you can purchase, and some of them can be quickly used and are efficient in their performance, but you have to run the device with electricity or gas.

how to make a wood burning heater

Meanwhile, there are ways to save energy and low-cost heaters such as solar and wood-burning heaters. In solar, the installation and materials may cost higher, but they will be helpful for a few years. If you are going to heat for a shorter time, wood burning is the best choice.


How Does Wood Burning Work?

When the wood is burning, a fire releases heat to the surroundings making it efficient. It has a stovepipe that allows smoke to go out in one way and a burner that serves as a place for the woods. It can be money-saving, especially if you have unused woods or plenty of woods. You can also use these heaters indoors or outdoors. No need to worry about the gas or electric bills! Whether you want a burning wood heater inside or outside the house, you can make one! Are you ready to know how to make a wood burning heater? Let’s start!


Ways To Make A Wood Burning Heater

You can easily purchase wood-burning heaters in stores, but indeed comes with a price, and some of them come with a cooking burner, where you can cook your meals! This stove can help you deal with the cold weather and save you energy in making meals. Meanwhile, if you only need a wood-burning heater, building your burner will help you acquire techniques and save you money rather than purchasing. There are two common ways in making a wood burner, read and determine what type of wood burner suits you at home. You may also be interested to know about the positive of buying a wood burning stove.


#1. Made of air compressor 

You can make a burner out of an air compressor if you don’t know yet! If you have an old one, make a wood burner out of it, and you can use it indoors or outdoors. Remove the motor inside the compressor and configure how you would prefer the burner’s position (upright or parallel). Then, layout a door opening in your tank. If you select vertical, measure at least ⅓ of the measurement on both sides of the tank and draw another perpendicular line to meet the ends. 

Meanwhile, if you decide on parallel, you can mark the sides for 4 inches and make a door layout. Creating a door layout is better if you make a neat cutting for a good appearance. After drawing the door layout, use a steel cutting wheel saw or grinder to cut the structure on the left and right sides. Attach a hinge on one side of the door you prefer, and cut all the remaining sides. After cutting, make a metal handle for the door, to make it accessible in opening the stove whenever you need to add burning wood then make a hole which goes upwards, to lead the smoke outside. 

If you want to use or plan sing longer woods, you can add metal to the bottom of the door where woods can lay the rest of its body. On the other hand, you can also weld a stand for your wood-burning heater. Note that if you want a wood-burning heater inside the house, it needs proper ventilation or passage to let the smoke out. 


#2. Old propane tank

If you do not have an air compressor but have an old propane tank, you can use it instead of an air compressor. This tank will be upright, but some prefer it parallel. Get your old propane tank and remove the valve along with the handle. You can use a steel wheel saw or grinder to cut out. After successfully removing the handle and valve, use a flat metal and attach it to the hole.

Then, draw a layout on the tank’s body for the door. The door will be the path of the woods to go inside the burner or burning woods. Draw the door layout and cut the right and left sides, as you did on the handle and valve. Note that it is quicker to attach the hinges before cutting out the whole layout. After securing the hinges, make a hole and insert a metal pipe to lead the burner. In addition, you can attach a handle to the door to access them easily. 


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you have already discovered how to make a wood burning heater, you can build your heater out of an air compressor or propane tank! Isn’t that amazing and easy to make? No need to buy an expensive heater as wood-burning heaters in stores! Hope this article answered and helped you make a wood burner for your family. Read related articles; know how a wood stove works and what size wood stove do I need

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