How To Make A Pull-Out Bed Frame? 5 Easy Steps!

Have you heard of pull-out beds and wonder, “How to make a pull-out bed frame?”

As its name states, a pull-out bed frame is a frame underneath the open space that lays a metal or wooden frame that holds a mattress that you can open for usage.

You cannot commonly see this on the market right now because of its price point.

So instead, people opt for a bed that is usable but not that fancy.

We all have our preferences, so it is up to you to whatever bed frame you are thinking of picking up.

But everybody does not have the budget to buy expensive things, just like a bed frame they can make independently.

With that being said, worry no more because we are here to help you out with what you are trying to achieve in such simple ways.

It may need a little bit of your time and power but do not worry; I can assure you that the results will shock you, and all your efforts will pay off.


Steps To Make A Pull-Out Bed Frame

There are so many alternatives to this when buying bed frames.

But its ergonomic design and aesthetics captivate one’s preference to buy this.

But then, even though you prefer to have one, what if the problem is it is out of your budget to buy a bed frame?

Well, then leave that to us, and don’t you worry, we got something to teach you later on so that you can save and spend lesser than buying a pull-out bed frame.

Pull-out bed frames are efficient space savers if you want to buy a spacious bed yet consume little floor space.

For this one, you should prepare a specific amount of money to buy the materials.

Doing it yourself might cost you lesser, and you can assure its quality.

Make sure to pick out the best materials that you can ever see out there so that the results will be top-grade and can be compared to the one that is in the market.

Again, remember that because you might pick up cheap ones and it will not last you for a very long time, it is for your good and not to risk anything.

We want to make sure that you won’t make the wrong decisions on picking one to last you for many years of usage.

Here are the steps on how to make a pull-out bed frame:


Step #1. Gathering all the materials needed

So before you plan to build up a pull-out mattress, make sure that you have gathered all the materials and tools needed so that you can now start doing it.

These are the following items that you should ready to start making one:

  • Pieces of lumber
  • Drills
  • Wood screws
  • Saw
  • Carpenter’s wood glue

If you have gathered them all already, then let us start doing the process of making your pull-out bed.


Step #2. Measuring and cutting the lumber

Now that you have all of the materials needed, take all of the lumbers and measure them to the desired size of bed that you want.

You’ll then have to cut the panels onto a saw so that it can have a smooth finish.

Then, repeat doing this step to the other lumbers.


Step #3. Assembling the bed frame

Once you have cut all of the needed panels, start assembling them.

You can do so by putting wood glue and securing it with screws to hold the other parts intact.

Then you’ll want to drill at least three holes in each side panel for the screws to fit later on—this will for securing the panels.

When making this, make sure that it is raised enough so that the pull-outs will fit onto the bed later without any worries.


Step #4. Attaching the slats onto the bed frame

Once you are done with making the bed’s frame, take your wood.

Now, measure it to the width of the bed using a marker to look for the perfect size of the slats to fit.

Then if you’ve got the size of it, go over to a saw making sure that you only cut until the marked area.

After that, you’ll want to connect the slats to the bed, ensuring that they fit snugly into the area where you will need them to attach,

Then drill some holes on both sides of the bed where the slats will go.

And secure them with wood screws on both sides to prevent the parts from moving around.


Step #5. Making and attaching the pull out bed

As for the pull-out bed, it is also like making a bed but smaller in size.

You will place it underneath where there are slots that will hold so it will slide outside.

What you want to do with this is first, measure the length of your bed from below and start cutting the lumbers into the measured size.

Once you have finished sewing all the parts, place the wood below and attach them by using wood glue first.

As for the bottom part, drill some holes below and put spaces between them until it covers the whole area to support the mattress.

Before putting them into place, make sure that you have glued them to stick better if the wood screws are placed.

Once you are done, slide in the pull-out bed onto the bed frame, ensuring that they are inside and are hitting the notches perfectly.



And there you go! That’s how to make a pull-out bed frame!

We hope you can now rest in your newly made bed with ease at night and have extra space to sleep whenever a family or friend comes over.

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