How To Make A Giant Bean Bag Chair: 4 Easy DIY Steps

Would you still settle for an ordinary couch when you already know how to make a giant bean bag chair? Discover new life hacks and tips as you scroll along with this article.

Bean bag chairs are suitable for all types of houses. You can even have your own by following these four easy steps. It’s time to level up your game and add aesthetics to your home.

how to make a giant bean bag chair


Making A Giant Bean Bag Chair


Step #1. Preparation

If you think that giant bean bags are made up of several materials, you got it all wrong. Basically, the things you need are just fabric (of your own preference), a zipper, foam fillers, and a sewing kit. You can even find these materials at home.

One tip of advice, you might actually want to get a longer or broader fabric and zipper so that your bean bag would appear to be more significant. However, the decision is all yours. Just make sure that you maximize every resource you have.


Step #2. Measurement and cutting of fabrics

Now that you have your fabric gathered, we can proceed by measuring it according to your desired size. There are two shapes that we need to cut and measure: a circle and a rectangle.

For a circle, you need to have two of them with similar circumference. One circle will be for the sole of your bean bag, while the other is for the top cover. There are different techniques on how you can duplicate the shape without compromising its measurement.

You may try to fold your fabric and cut it all at once. Another option is to find the radius of the circle and locate its central point.

When measuring and cutting for the rectangle fabric, remember that its length must be enough to surround the diameter of the circles. This fabric will be the one responsible for connecting the top and bottom circles.


Step #3. Sewing

It’s now time for you to bring out your sewing kit. Note that you don’t have to be a pro to do this type of sewing. You may opt to use the sewing technique that you are comfortable in performing.

First, you need to connect the two ends of the rectangle fabric. This should form a hollow cylinder-like shaped fabric. Ensure that it is connected tightly and firmly since the pressure when you sit on your bean chair will most likely stretch the fabric.

Next, you will have to attach the top-most circle to the rectangle fabric. After this, you will place the second circle or zipper at the half bottom of the rectangle fabric. This will serve as an entryway for your foam later.

However, bear in mind that the use of a zipper is optional. You can connect the second circle through sewing alone.


Step #4. Assembling

Now that the bean bag is almost complete, the only lacking material is your foam. Insert your foam inside the sewn fabric and gently expose it to the area to avoid explosion. After this, you can zip the zipper or sew the remaining edges.

That’s it! You just made a new chair with your basic skills and leftover materials.


Is It Cheaper If I Make My Own Bean Bag Chair?

In the previous steps that we have tackled, it was mentioned that your fabric does not necessarily have to be new. If you have scrap or extra material at home, then you could obviously use it.

Plus, zippers are not mandatory. You can just stitch the fabric all you want, and it would not cost you a single penny. Clearly, making your own bean bag is a lot cheaper than spending your money.

Moreover, making your own bean bag chair has its corresponding perks. If you design your own bean chair, you have the power to choose the color scheme. You also have control over the appropriate size that will fit your house.


How Can I Achieve A Comfortable Bean Bag?

Aside from the design your bean bag gives, it must provide you a sense of comfort and rest. To achieve a comfortable bean bag, you must identify your personal needs.

Do you want a couch where you can lay alone? Or perhaps, you might prefer sitting while bonding with your family and friends. These are some things you should consider when choosing a comfortable bean bag.


What Can I Fill My Bean Bag Chair With?

Bean bags are supposed to be stuffed with beans, but today, it could be filled with various materials. Alternative fillers that you could use are spongy fabrics, rice, peanuts, and other organic by-products. However, you could also practice recycling by making use of shopping bags and old clothes.



You can always make something out of your leftover materials at home. Learning how to make a giant bean bag chair is just one of the many activities you could spend your energy with. Sit back, relax, and feel those beans!

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