How To Make A Candle Holder

Nothing beats the ambiance created by a wax candle placed in a beautiful candle holder. Instead of buying a candle holder, why not make one? In this article, we will teach you different ways on how to make a candle holder.

Homemade candle holders enhance the allure of this time-honored household item by taking the candle’s design a step further. Want a quick DIY project that can significantly improve your home in a couple of hours? When you’re feeling creative, try one of these DIY candle holder ideas.

how to make a candle holder


Different Ways on How To Make A Candle Holder


Using Plaster and Fresh Flowers

Plaster-dipped flowers are fascinating to look at since no two are alike. The method is sloppy and flawed, but the result is ethereal and well worth the effort. Purchase a bouquet with a selection of flowers so that you may experiment.


Taper Candles with Varying Heights

If you frequently use candlesticks when entertaining, consider this DIY taper candle holder. It is both elegant and contemporary. The key to completing this craft project is to alter the height of each candle holder. 

It is so that you can make a wide collection of more than five candles. If making an arrangement intimidates you. Strictly adhere to the directions and pattern supplied.


Make a Boho Candleholder Out of Balsa Wood

Small votives inside glass jars work well with this candleholder. Don’t be put off by the fact that it takes some basic woodworking to get started. Working with wood doesn’t have to be daunting, and after you’ve mastered the panel cutting, this project is pretty simple.


Using Copper Accents, Upgrade a Candleholder

This candle holder design was inspired by a considerably more costly copper-lined votive holder that retails for roughly $70. You can construct this knock-off for roughly $20 by utilizing copper tape, glass, and glue. We bet most people couldn’t tell the difference.


Cork Ribbons can be Used to Wrap a Candle.

For safety concerns, many pillar candles should be stored in glass hurricanes. Hurricanes, on the other hand, might feel a little dull if your style is a little more rustic or eccentric. Wrap a conventional glass candle holder in cork ribbon to upgrade it.


Using Spray Paint, Refresh Thrift Store Candlesticks

When you buy items from a thrift store, they may not appear lovely and old. They simply appear out of date. This is true of many brass candlesticks from the 1980s and 1990s. 

Repurpose these low-cost treasures. You can spray paint them in a trendy color. Finish that complements your décor.


Apply Glitter to a Jar Candle

This candleholder lesson is unique in that it not only shows you how to paint the candle jar with glitter but also shows you how to pour the candle from scratch. Make your colors and smells to customize this project.


Dollar Store Frames Can Be Used to Make Hurricane Lanterns

Large hurricane lantern candle holders look fantastic on the front porch, on an outdoor table, or even on the dining room table. However, most lanterns are prohibitively expensive. This clever do-it-yourself idea reimagines five $1 frames.


Produce may be Used as a Candle Holder.

Would you put a candle into a piece of fresh produce? Perhaps this maker is onto something because this product is both visually appealing and ecologically beneficial. This DIY candleholder concept is best suited for the fall season when pumpkins and gourds are in abundance.


Make Moroccan-style Candle Holders.

All you need for this candleholder project are some affordable glass jars, paint, and a little patience. To learn the Moroccan style, start with some simple motifs and patterns on paper. Then, take some puffy paint and have fun!


Make Taper Candleholders with Wood Blocks

The finest taper candle holders have a broad base to catch all of the pouring wax. Keep it from getting all over the dining room table. Because the woodblocks form a large enough foundation around the bottom of the taper candle, this candleholder concept is great for that.


Use Birch and Airplants to Make a Centerpiece

Do you need a living centerpiece for your dining room? Because they are so durable, air plants are a great way to add live greenery to almost any creative project. Incorporate your taper candles into a piece of white birch and fill up the spaces with air plants and succulents.


Make a Candleholder Out of a Vintage Teacup

Have you ever found a stray teacup and wondered if you should keep it? One possibility is to utilize the old porcelain as a miniature planter for indoor herbs. You may also learn how to pour the wax into a teacup to make a lovely candle like the one seen above.


Decorate the Insides of Candle Holders with Marble

This is a great way on how to make a candle holder: using marble. Marbles make everything elegant and beautiful. If you want to add some pattern to your house, this is a great idea to do so for a candle holder. If you construct these candle holders for a wedding, they may also be used as party favors.


Conclusion on How to Make a Candle Holder

Candles are essential belongings for creating a pleasant, relaxed, and quiet ambiance. It is truly the need of the day. That is why we have provided you with a plethora of ways on how to make a candle holder. If you need more guides on candlemaking and candle holders, check our other candle articles on the site.

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