How To Keep The Birds Out Of The Dryer Vent? A Complete Guide!

Are you wondering how to keep the birds out of the dryer vent? Seal the outer entrance with hardware cloth or galvanized wire mesh to deter birds from nesting in your dryer vent. Commercial vent caps are also accessible, some of which are mainly designed for dryer vents.

Birds can’t be kept out of plastic netting or windows screening. A bird’s nest in your dryer vent can be hazardous for various purposes. A fire can start if a bird’s nest plugs your dryer vent.

how to keep the birds out of the dryer vent

 Disease-carrying birds are also a problem. Severe infections can result if the viruses and microorganisms they bring into your house. For the sake of your family’s health and safety, it’s critical to get rid of the birds in your dryer and keep them from returning. Let’s have a deep look at how to keep the birds out of your dryer vent!


What Caused A Bird To Enter Into My Dryer Vent?

Birds are looking for a comfortable, protected place to nest and deliver their eggs in the spring. Starlings and house sparrows are cavity-nesting animals, which means that such ducts on kitchen stoves, bathrooms, and laundry dryers are ideal places for both of them to make their nests. Dryer vents are set back from the ground at a slight distance. Birds pick such nesting sites since they are safe from harm, such as foxes, mice, and other animals. The vent keeps dry and warm, making them perfect for nesting.

Three flaps encompass the opening in dryer vents. The flaps of your dryer open whenever you power it on, allowing warm gas to circulate. Whenever the dryer is switched off, it shuts automatically. 

Plastic is commonly used for these flaps. They usually break within five to seven years of contact with rainfall, storm, UV radiation, temperature, and freezing. Birds will simply move in if they see a chance for an excellent nesting area. You can start to hear screeching or squealing flowing from the dryer vent. The opening may get some branches or weeds protruding from it. Birds have begun breeding in your dryer vent if you see such indicators.


Birds In Dryer Vents: How To Keep Them Out?

So, how to keep the birds out of the dryer vent? There must be two techniques to protect dryer vents from birds. You may create your vent shield or purchase one. These alternatives are inexpensive and necessary for having a safe dryer vent.

Hardware cloth or galvanized wire mesh can seal the external duct. A vent protector should be purchased and installed. These mainly aim to retain birds and other pets out of dryer vents while still enabling air to circulate outside. Everything you have used to keep birds out of the dryer vent must be removable since you can wipe it. It’s also generally advised to wash or examine the dryer vent once a year.

Prevent covering the vent with plastic mesh or window screening because they’re not able to deter birds away. Determined starlings will readily peck through these components.


Keep Birds Out By Installing A Vent Guard

If you do have a simple accessibility to the interior or outside the ceiling upon which dryer vent is installed, prefabricated vent shields available on the internet or even at the sporting goods store seem to be very simple to set up. When purchasing a dryer vent protector, do not be frightened. Most dryer ductwork is 4 inches wide, and most vent guards include a 4-inch diameter portion of steel wire tubing.

Metal dryer vent caps should be sought for outside use. Perforated grate designs are pretty compelling; however, they catch dust. As a result, they will require more regular cleaning. 

Find out the answer to your question: how often to clean a dryer vent and how to tell if your dryer vent is clogged.


Remove The Birds Nest From Dryer Vent

If you notice a tell-tale blower of bird poo, branches, or bushes poking below the duct or outside the dryer vent you most likely have a bird’s nest to remove. Take action immediately as you discover symptoms of birds in the vent. It is vital to cut this before the pigeons lay their babies whenever the nest is vacant. The optimal time is during the day, whereas many birds leave nesting nests searching for food.

Because germs and worms can be found in bird’s nests, you just shouldn’t go in and take the nest using your unprotected palms. Use a vent cleaning tool or protective gloves or eliminate the nest, dust, and other waste.

However, this procedure doesn’t ensure that almost all nesting material will be removed. Birds may have to go way deeper into the dryer vent, thus accessing the duct’s entrance may require going into the attic. If that kind of sounds like more than that for you, you could just call a professional cleaning company. If the birds have already laid their eggs, you should seek expert help right once. Read about removing birds nest from dryer vent.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that you will learn how to keep the birds out of the dryer vent from this article. We also hope that reading this article is just fun for you and you digest it in one go. Above, we have mentioned all the methods that help you get rid of birds entering the dryer vent. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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