How To Install A Tankless Water Heater? 6 Easy Steps!

Are you planning to buy a water heater but don’t know how to install a tankless water heater? It is not wrong to say that the tankless water heaters are budget-friendly. The reason is that it doesn’t heat a large volume of water. It is done by locating the studs. The shower works by heating a specific quantity of water at a time so it is also called a demand heater.

As we will let it work only when we want hot water. So it won’t keep working for so long and won’t heat extra amounts of water.

how to install a tankless water heater

But the one thing which must be considered is the limited water supply at one time. This type of water can not work for the three showers at one time. Well, this depends on their particular capacities also. Mostly, it can cause some problems for which you may need to take help from the expert plumbers. But if you want to fix it by yourself, it is possible but you will need some necessary instructions and guidance.


Steps To Install A Tankless Water Heater

Here are the steps on how to install a tankless water heater:


Step #1. Managing the studs

After buying the water heater, the first thing that you will do is look for the perfect place to install it. You can install it into the drywall and plaster. For finding out a better destination, you will need guidance and instructions from experts. Stud finders are used to find out the better place to locate the studs. After detecting it, we will go for making the hole between the studs.


Step #2. Routing water pipes

Now after you have located the water heater at the right place, the next step is the important one. Here you will manage the route of the pipe leading to the inlet. In addition to this, the route of the pipe reaching the house must be connected to an outlet. In this way, your water heater will keep having the water from the outlet.


Step #3. Installing the valves

Installing the shutoff valves have a lot to do in the overall process of installation. These valves are also called stop valves. Shutoff valves in the water heaters are used to maintain the flow of water for any particular fixture. By installing these valves, you will no longer have to cut off all the house’s water supplies, it will just work for that desired place. The shutoff valves will be fixed on the lines which are located near the water heater. Other than the shutoff valve, the other valve that we will meet is the pressure relief valve. The pressure relief valve works for maintaining the pressure off the water heater. Otherwise, its pressure can go beyond the limit then it will become problematic for the whole process.


Step #4. Inserting union settings

After inserting the valves, we will take union fittings. This is a kind of an adapter as it adapts to different shapes and sizes of pipes. It is for straightening up the pipe sectioning so through the union fitting make the last pipe connections to both inlet and outlet.


Step #5. Opening and closing the valves to check the water heater’s processing

To make sure about whether the heater is working properly or not, we will need to open and shut off the valves and faucets. Firstly, we will open the valves and faucets. It is to fill the unit with water for some time, say 1 or two minutes. 


Step #6. Cleaning and testing the unit

People asking how to install a tankless water heater must know that the process includes cleaning also. As the water has been run, you will now do a cleansing to make the water heater free from any debris or dirt particles. After taking out the inline filter, clean it thoroughly so that there is no deterrence. Replace and adjust the filter, now open the valves once again. But for this time, turn on the gas and reinstate the electricity. Now before continuing the process, make sure that it works fine and properly by checking out the water. Know how to clean hot water heater and find out this water heater checklist


Things To Do Before Installing The New Tankless Water Heater

Before installing a new water heater we must be ready for the new appliance’s requirements. First of all, what you have to do is check out the capacity of your meter that either it can sport your new appliance or not. If not, then you will have to upgrade it with the help of the gas company. The second thing is considering the pipes types and shutoff valves before installation of the new water heater. For instance, go for stainless-steel exhaust pipes or if you are having a highly efficient tankless water heater then you might need just a plastic pipe instead. In the end, make sure that when the water heater is free, there is no power supply.


It’s A Wrap!

If a person works on all the guidelines mentioned above, then he will be left with no confusion about how to install a tankless water heater. It has been concluded that although it is not so complicated but only if the person takes every step accurately and logically. You may also be interested to know how much is a tankless water heater.

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