How to Hook Up an Electric Recliner Loveseat

If you need to transport your electric reclining loveseat, you may dismantle it into smaller pieces and handle it separately. After the relocation, it’s time to put everything together so you can relax and enjoy your new home. But, how to hook up an electric recliner loveseat?

There is a lot to learn when knowing how electric loveseat recliners work. This article shows you how to hook up an electric recliner loveseat. It will also provide you with a wealth of information. 

electric recliner loveseat

A reclining loveseat is not only comfortable, but it is also beneficial to your health! A comfortable reclining seat is suitable for both your mental and physical wellbeing. Plus, today’s recliners are sleeker than ever, so you’ll never have to choose between elegance and comfort!

How to Hook Up an Electric Recliner Loveseat

The specific setup guidelines may differ according to the brand and model number. However, the fundamental concepts are the same for all reclining loveseats. Learn how to hook up the components of a reclining loveseat.

Step 1. Turn the lower portion of the loveseat upside down and connect the legs. Some feature legs that you may secure with a pair of screws, while others have legs that you can turn. Lift the upholstery flap on the back of the backrest to reveal the metal brackets on either side.

Step 2. Allow an aide to assist you in lifting the backrest above the rear of the couch frame. Align the brackets on each component, then gradually lower the backrest until the shelves click into place. If you have a modular set, repeat this procedure to construct each piece of the sofa.

Step 3. If your reclining loveseat is modular, connect each piece of the unit. For assembly instructions particular to your make and model, consult the owner’s handbook. The majority of reclining loveseats are held together by spring-loaded brackets or metal plates with holding screws.

Step 4. Reduce the size of the upholstery flaps to enclose all brackets or connecting points. Pillows and cushions should be placed on the loveseat. Cover any visible zippers on the cushions by moving them toward the loveseat’s backrest and armrests.

Step 5. Before you can use an electric reclining loveseat, you must first connect it to a power source. Next, locate and secure your electrical plugs. Most transformers and wire packages are placed beneath the loveseat and connected to the motor or the springs.

Step 6. Use scissors to cut cable ties. Please do not use a knife. Before proceeding to the connection, know yourself with all of the parts.

Step 7. To remove the extension cable, locate the wire linked to the metal frame and cut the cable tire. Connect the plug to the socket after the cord is free. Secure the safety clip in place.

Step 8. You can then connect the wall plug cable to the transformer. Again, please make sure that any stray wires are not twisted or shoved beneath the loveseat before joining it in. Finally, you can now enjoy your electric reclining loveseat.

The advantages of using a reclining loveseat

Creating an Easement  Zone Around You

Recliners are both relaxing and supportive. They are adjustable and let you sit in a perfectly comfortable posture no matter how long you sit. A recliner adjusts to your preferences, whether you want to rise, sit, put your feet up, or fully recline to relax and rest.

Electric Recliner Loveseats Help to Relieve Stress

After a long and exhausting day, relax! A recliner relieves tension by providing maximum relaxation and support. When you recline, your spine is relaxed, your back is supported, and your legs are raised.

Recliners Increase Circulation

When you sit at your workstation or stand for lengthy periods, blood rushes to your legs and feet, creating swelling. Recliners can provide relaxation to your lower body by raising your feet above your heart level. Furthermore, it allows gravity to enhance circulation.

Back Pain is Reduced by Recliner Loveseats

Our backs support our bodies, which are subjected to a great deal of stress and strain throughout our working lives. Therefore, working individuals expect to have back discomfort at some point in their lives, especially if their employment is sedentary. A high-quality recliner will provide excellent lumbar support and can help decrease back pain with frequent usage.

For people who have physical constraints

A recliner with lift capabilities aids movement and makes it easier to get in and out of the recliner. An electric reclining loveseat can also assist with swelling ankles and back strain, common during pregnancy. In addition, a pregnant woman may modify the support of a recliner to get a relaxed position.

Recliners with Add-Ons

If you’re shopping for a chair, several options are available, including extra compartments and storage. You may neatly store magazines, gadgets, and even food. Your personalized loveseat becomes comfier and gives more essential benefits than traditional loveseats with additional extra features.


Following the instructions above makes it much easier on how to hook up an electric recliner loveseat. However, because different recliners use different manufacturing processes, reading the instruction booklet guarantees proper upkeep. It may even provide suggestions on how to troubleshoot electric recliners for common problems.

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