How To Hang Curtains On Concrete Wall Without Drilling? 3 Best Ways!

Are you having a problem finding a way on how to hang curtains on concrete wall without drilling?

You landed in the right place!

In this article, we will teach you the different alternatives of hanging a curtain without drilling works.

Having curtains on walls or windows is significant since they give a different sense of privacy.

Also, hanging curtains as well add aesthetic and décor to the interior houses.

However, some people are incapable of hanging curtains on concrete walls due to practical reasons.

The home is rented, no available drilling device, or doesn’t want to damage the wall itself.

Fortunately, there are different alternatives for this problem. Scroll up for more information.


how to hang curtains on concrete wall without drilling

Ways To Hang Curtains On Concrete Wall Without Drilling

You are free to choose between the options stated in this article on what’s conducive for you on how to hang curtains on concrete wall without drilling.

The choice is in your hand.

Here are some innovative curtain-hanging strategies that don’t require drilling holes in your walls.


Option #1. Using command hooks

Command hooks are particularly the most common alternative way of attaching curtain rods on the concrete.

Temporary command hooks function primarily to support curtain rods attest to the frame, mini wall accessories, and other decorations.

These hooks appear in a range of load capacities, so make sure the ones you buy are sturdy enough to prevent your curtains and curtain rod from slipping off.


Steps on using command hooks to hang your curtain:

  • Prepare the tools you will need, specifically command hooks, the curtain and a curtain rod of your preference, a measuring device, and a high chair.
  • Measure the approximate distance of the position of both the curtain rods using a measuring device.
  • If you can’t reach the upper concrete wall, you may use a chair.
  • Attach the command hooks on both sides of the end of the rod length you just measured.
  • Take note that you can add one or more of these to secure the curtain rods more.
  • Put adequate pressure on the command hooks for 10 to 30 seconds to make sure they stick firmly to the concrete wall.
  • Next, put on the curtain rods on the hooks stuck on the wall and ensure that the rod ends are placed inside the hooks’ curves and observe if the position even.
  • If you think it polished correctly, you may now put your curtain on the curtain rod and hang it on the concrete wall.


Option #2. Tension rods

Tension rods are also one of the best strategies in hanging a curtain wall on concrete without breaking it.

This type of rods is only applicable if there is a width difference of to opposite wall, so it will have something to bend with, usually inner window walls.

When you push the end of a tension rod against a window frame, a spring mechanism within the rod induces tension.

There won’t be enough tension if the rod is too short, and there will be too much tension if the rod is too long, so look for one that will fit your window width.

Moreover, this option requires the least effort and has satisfactory results.


Steps on setting up tension rods on your concrete wall:

  • Prepare your tools such as the tension rods for your windows panel width, a chair, curtain rods, and a curtain.
  • Set the curtain on the tension rods.
  • Use the chair to put on the tension rods with a curtain in the window frame.
  • Slightly push the tension rod inwardly to shorten its length.
  • Then, gently fit the other end of tension rods in the opposite concrete wall.
  • Make sure to fit it firmly to avoid bouncing the rod and prevent unwanted accidents.


Option #3. Ceiling suspension

Suspension of the curtain rod in the ceiling can also be a good option.

This method is applicable if you want to create a flowy look or a backdrop using longer curtains.

Besides, if you can’t drill holes because of dry, rubbery plaster or a brick wall, ceiling suspension is highly suggested for you.

This option is also easier to do because you only have to suspend the rod on the ceiling literally.


Steps on hanging a curtain using ceiling suspension method:

  • Gather the materials you will need like the curtain rods, a ladder tool, measuring device hammer, saw, and other repairs materials
  • As you are now ready, you have to remove the ceiling wood on the area you want to put the curtain rod on
  • Then, use a measuring device to trace the length and width of a rectangular shape that you will cut using the saw
  • This rectangular shape will be the passage of the rod on the ceiling
  • The next thing is to cut the shape that you have traced
  • Return the ceiling wood to its place with the hole on it using hammer and repair materials
  • Lastly, set the curtain rod with a curtain entering the rectangular hole and suspend both ends on the ceiling frames or bar

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Regardless, that is all.


Final Words

Hanging a curtain on a concrete wall without drilling holes can be difficult if you never had background or ideas on doing the job.

Luckily, there are alternatives to doing those which can benefit anyone like you.

We thank you for all the support and effort you have given in reaching this part of the article.

I hope you are satisfied with the step-by-step guide on how to hang curtains on concrete wall without drilling.

You are greatly appreciated.

how to unwrinkle curtains

How To Unwrinkle Curtains? 6 Awesome Tips!

How to unwrinkle curtains? Don’t worry; you’ll know as you read along!

One of the beautifying things is having a set of colorful curtains hanging at our windows.

But it was always a big problem for us every time we bought new ones from malls or if it was fresh from the laundry because it got wrinkled.

Well, this article will help you get rid of that problem.

So, read on!


Tips To Unwrinkle Curtains

Here are some tips on how to unwrinkle curtains:


Tip #1. Using your steamer

The easiest way to fix your wrinkled curtain is by using your steamers at home.

By filling your steamer with enough water, follow its user manual and turn it on.

Then start to aim the steamer at its wrinkled part from top to bottom and repeat until it becomes smooth.

Curtains have different fabrics, so you have to do it over again until satisfied.


Tip #2. Using wrinkled released products

Some products are available at your local department stores, which are specially made for wrinkled fabrics such as your curtains.

All you have to do is ask the mall’s salesperson for this particular product, and they will give you options of what you want.


Tip #3. Using spray with plain water

Find a clean spray bottle and fill it with enough plain water and directly spray it in the wrinkled parts of the curtain until it is moist.

Then let it hang and air dry. The wrinkled curtain will fix because the weight of the water will be enough to straighten the crumpled part.


Tip #4. Using iron

Some curtains are difficult to fix because of their stubbornness.

But with the use of iron, it can remove the wrinkle by putting such on the iron table and slowly move it around the crumpled part.

This type of method takes time, yet it has the best result.


Tip #5. Using dryer

Before putting the curtains inside your dryer, it is best to dampen it with a wet cloth. Then, with enough moisture, put your curtain inside the dryer with medium heat and let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes.

After the said time, if the curtain is still wet, add another 5 to 10 minutes to dry thoroughly.


Tip #6. Asked help from dry cleaners

Some professionals know how to handle wrinkled curtain problems.

They know what to do, and they can fix it quickly without you getting tired and stress.

The best way to solve your wrinkled curtain problem is always to read and follow the directions on the label from all the tips mentioned.

It gives the correct instruction for the proper care of the fabric.


Different Fabric Options

Every curtain has different fabrics such as silk, polyester, cotton, velvet, and lace.


Option #1. Silk

This kind of fabric talks about luxury, and it is susceptible.

Therefore, you have to handle it with proper care, so it requires dry cleaning only and avoids exposing it to the sun, which can easily damage it.


Option #2. Polyester

It is the most common type of fabric because of its durability and cheapness. In addition, it is a customer choice because it is easy to maintain.

To avoid wrinkles, you have to immediately remove it from the dryer while it is still moist.

When using iron, low heat should need because it can quickly melt.


Option #3. Cotton

It is a very light kind of fabric, and it offers versatility because it gives a different style.

Cold and mild water is the best while washing cotton fabrics, and it should wash by hand to avoid shrinking.


Option #4. Velvet

It is a thick and heavy kind of fabric that helps to block the sun and sound.

A steamer is the best way to remove wrinkles in this fabric because using iron may damage it.


Option #5. Lace

It offers a romantic and traditional aura because it lessens the room’s natural light, and it gives an airy feeling.

A washing machine is not recommended because of its delicateness.

If necessary, avoid using an iron.

Some fabrics may melt or burn, and some can easily scorch.

So, if the directions state that do not iron the fabric, then tip number four will worsen the situation.

There are also heat settings allowed for every fabric.

You have to follow what is stated on the label to avoid further damage.

The wrinkled curtain has different kinds of fabrics, and there are various ways to care for each one of them properly.



You have to follow the specific guidelines on every fabric for you to get the best result.

However, some of them are cost-effective, where you can easily found inside your home.

Some offer home remedy techniques for you not to hire professionals anymore.

The best way to fix your wrinkled curtain is to check the manufacturers’ instructions stated on every label.

It has a step-by-step process for you to follow to save time, money, and effort.

Reading the label on the curtains is always a good idea to know what is best to treat the fabric.

Nevertheless, that is how to unwrinkle curtains.

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