5 Simple DIY Steps On How To Hang A Hammock Chair Indoors

Knowing how to hang a hammock chair indoors is the best idea, especially when you want to have a relaxing spot at home. Indoor hammock chairs are perfect for improving your posture, aiding back and neck pain, as well as saving space in your room.

In this article, we will introduce different things about hanging a hammock chair indoors. Can we hang it without drilling? Is it safe? Continue reading to know more!

how to hang a hammock chair indoors


Things You Need

Before you start doing the process, you need to gather your materials and tools. The following are the things that you will need to hang your hammock chair:

  • Drills and drill bits
  • Stud finders
  • Hook, eye bolt, or mount
  • Ropes, chains, or anything you can use to hang the hammock
  • The hammock itself
  • Protective clothing or equipment (such as glasses for safety)


Steps In Hanging A Hammock Chair Indoors


Step #1. Finding the stud

First, you need to use the stud finder to locate a stout joist on your ceiling. If you do not have any stud finder, you can use a trick by knocking on your ceiling to find a spot with a less hollow sound, indicating a stud. Studs are usually 16 inches or 24 inches from the wall.

Make sure that the spot is strong enough to handle the weight of the hammock. Otherwise, it will cause danger because the hammock might fall while you are in it. Once you have located a sturdy joist, you can use a pencil to mark it on both sides.


Step #2. Installing the hook

After marking the joist on your ceiling, drill your drill bits onto your marked spot. In this way, you can create a hole in which your eye bolt or hook can fit. After drilling, screw your eye bolt already.

Aside from using eye bolts and hooks, you can also use mounts. If your mounting kit has a manual, you can follow the instructions to understand it better. Sometimes, mounts are better because they have more screws than an eye bolt, so they tend to be stronger than them.


Step #3. Attaching the rope

Attaching the rope or chain is the next thing to do after installing the hook. Again, you can adjust the height and the angle of the chain.

However, ensure that the length of your chain is not less than 20 inches from the ground. If you are using mounts, it would be better to put a spring hook or a hanger hook before attaching your rope.


Step #4. Hanging the hammock chair

Either add a spring hook first before hanging the hammock or simply hang it alone. Ensure that you have installed the parts properly to avoid danger. Adjust the hammock chair whenever you want to make sure that you are comfortable with it.


Step #5. Testing the chair for safety

The last thing that you need to do in this tutorial is to check whether your hammock chair is safe or not. Carefully sit or put heavy objects on your hammock chair and check if the parts are moving unwantedly. If the hammock does not feel and look good, you can make some adjustments to it.


How Do You Hang A Hammock Chair Without Drilling?

Sometimes, you can find drilling and attaching ropes hard. However, you can worry less because you can hang your hammock chair without using drills.

Using a hammock chair stand, you can attach your hammock easily because it does not require eye bolts and chains. Moreover, you can install it anywhere, and you can move and adjust it freely. Nonetheless, it would be best if you are still careful in using hammock chair stands.


Is It Safe To Hang A Hammock Chair Indoors?

Hanging a hammock chair indoors should not worry you because they are entirely safe. You only need to follow the instructions correctly and ensure that you have installed the parts properly. Moreover, you should also make sure that the ceiling is strong enough to carry your weight.

Aside from these, note that you should never let a child sit on a hanging hammock chair alone. Instead, you should guide them because they might fall from it. Otherwise, you can purchase hammock chairs for kids or place the hammock in a room with soft mats on the floor.


How Much Weight Can A Hammock Hold?

People usually sit and lay down on hammock chairs. That is because it can support people’s weight and any heavy objects. However, some hammock chairs have their limitations when it comes to carrying weight.

First, the material of your hammock can be sturdy or not, depending on the quality you bought. Next, the strength of the stud where you screwed the eye bolt or mount can also contribute to the hammock’s stability. If you have high-quality materials and a strong ceiling, your hammock can hold up to 300 pounds or almost 137 kilograms.



Learning how to hang a hammock chair indoors is easy. You only need to install, drill, and attach your materials properly.

Once you have finished doing it, you are good to go. You can now assemble yours anywhere you want in your home!

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