How To Get The Crease Out Of The Shoe With Hair Dryer? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering about how to get the crease out of the shoe with hair dryer? There are six easy steps that you can try; these steps are easy to execute so I’m sure you can do it with a breeze. 

Your hair dryer is an excellent quick remedy for removing creases from your shoe, in particular. The thing is that you can use your blow dryer to dry the creasy area on your shoe. The dryer heat will assist to eliminate the creases from the shoe cloth, and you can also spray it with water to loosen the crease so that it removes easily.

how to get the crease out of the shoe with hair dryer

But before using the hairdryer, make sure that your dryer is not too close to your shoes, otherwise, dryer heat may damage the fabric of the shoe, especially the leather shoe which is very sensitive to heat. Yes, my friends, it is all true about removing the crease from the shoe, but it is not enough. To understand well, read this article by heart. Let’s have a deep look at the process!


Methods To Remove The Creases By Using A Hairdryer

The crease is an unexpected gift while you have your favorite shoe for a big event. You may believe that your fashionable and perhaps costly shoes are condemned to fail to walk out for bad purposes, but don’t worry you can remove the creases from your shoes.

Even though most creases may be removed by cleaning your footwear with tree oil or detergent, there are a few more options. You can scrub your shoes by using alcohol for a quick fix. If you have stubborn creases on colored shoes that are sensitive to spots, it’s a good idea to blow dry them out.

If your shoes have stubborn crease stain, then it’s better to heat these stains with a hairdryer. As the cloth bows with your feet, your shoes will acquire creases if you use them for a long time, but you may remove them to preserve your shoes in perfect form. If you don’t know how to get the crease out of the shoe with hair dryer, we are here to help you out. Here are the following steps:


Step #1. Stretch your shoe

Make use of the largest shoe tree you need. Insert it in to restore the shoe’s regular form when you’re not using it. Yet, prevent extending outside of its original dimensions, since this may result in additional wrinkles which are far harder to extract.  You can use a blow dryer on any type of shoe, but it’s best for removing stubborn creases which can’t be eliminated anyone else way. Stuff the footwear with paper and wood if you haven’t a shoe tree. Make careful the filling doesn’t become too hot when you’re squeezing out the wrinkles! Blow drying requires care and a firm touch, as one mistake stroke can result in catastrophic shoe ruin. 


Step #2. Keep your dryer on low heat setting

 Place the shoe on a level, solid floor with some freedom to maneuver. Keep in mind you have access to a power outlet. Allow a second for the blow dryer to warm up after switching it in. To prevent scorching the shoe, use the minimum temperature setting available.


Step #3. Hold the dryer several inches away from the shoe

The direction of your hair drier must be towards the crease. Hold it at 3-6inches of distance from your shoes when you start heating the fabric on the shoe, be careful when you’re drying the leather shoe. If you move it too near, the heat may cause your shoe to burn. Take your shoes under the shower if you want to do it more securely. Remove the shoe from the water and place it near a running shower faucet. Steam and heat can help to loosen these stubborn creases but they aren’t as efficient as using a blow dryer directly on your footwear.


Step #4. Move the dryer on creases

Move the hairdryer over the crease continuously for 3-5 minutes.  Check the crease and whether it would be heated up or loosen after several repetitions. Move the dryer over it a couple more times if it still feels cool. Make sure the heat isn’t blowing straight into the cloth as well. To warm up the cloth, again heat it if necessary. When it’s chilly outside, it won’t extend. You might even raise the temperature a notch, but this is rarely required. Know how to fix creases in shoes.


Step #5. Message your shoe gently

Remove the burner from the room and place it away. Begin massaging the crease as soon as possible, before the shoe starts to cool down. Start stroking it in a round, then compressing the cloth from the inside of the shoe’s filling. Re-shape the footwear to its initial structure. Make an effort to mold it to the curve of the feet. Having a shoe tree within the shoes, it was a lot simpler. If the footwear solidifies and cools before you could even get rid of the creases, lightly reheat it and massage the leather once more. After doing all these steps, leave your shoes overnight, until it is fully dry.


It’s A Wrap!

If you have a perfect pair of shoes, and the creases start are formed inside of it. Don’t worry; we have mentioned all the steps how to get the crease out of the shoe with hair dryer. Just read and follow the steps above mentioned. My friends, thank you for being with us at last! Read related articles; know how to melt the crayons with a hair dryer and how to get the wax out of carpet with hair dryer

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