How To Get Rid Of Mildew On Exterior Of Car: 5 Helpful Steps

You might have noticed a few mildew lingering, and now you are searching how to get rid of mildew on exterior of car.

It might look terrible and challenging to remove at first, but it is a piece of cake. Here in this article, we’ll give you a few steps and solutions that you may try.

how to get rid of mildew on exterior of car


What Is A Mildew?

Mildew is a type of surface fungus that appears as a patch of gray or even white fungus on the surface of a moist place. You can remove mildew with a scrubbing brush and a store-bought cleanser.

Mildew will typically grow on anything that provides them with adequate nourishment. Thus, It can grow on cotton, linen, rayon, silk, wool, leather, wood, and paper the most in homes.

Many synthetic fabrics are mildew resistant. Removing mildew and mold from a car’s exterior can be a chore, and it’s probably not something you’ll want to do again very soon.

As a result, it’s critical to make efforts to ensure that this does not happen again.


How To Remove Mildew On A Car Exterior

Getting rid of mildew on the exterior of a car can be tricky and a bit risky thus, if not handled carefully or by a professional, it could cause more damage to your car.

Step #1. Know or find the affected areas on your car. Examine the vehicle’s damage and condition.

The number of algae and mold on the outside and the vehicle’s condition will determine which procedures are safe to use.

Step #2. Use water to remove the mildews. Using a high-pressure washer, either with a hose connection or a jet washer, to remove algae is a very successful way.

You can only use this with certain cars or risk causing harm. Use high-pressure water only on an automobile that is in good overall condition.

There should be no visible symptoms of wear and damage that the power washer could aggravate.

Step #3. Snow foam or a car shampoo will be beneficial in removing mildew to the exterior of your car. It will soften or clean the affected areas thoroughly.

Step #4. It is ideal to use a microfiber wash mitt to remove the mildew from the car paint. Be very careful though, if not, then it could tear up some of the paint on your car’s exterior.

After, you can use a soft brush to remove it from the rubber seals and trim. Washing is the most common source of evident coat scratches, so be cautious when cleaning your car’s paintwork.


You will have no problems if you are patient and cautious. The safest way to destroy any leftover algae or mold is to use an APC made exclusively for use in automobiles.

IPA Blend

Another excellent alternative is to use a 50/50 IPA blend. It will efficiently eliminate the algae and mold, and it is safe to use on both the paint and the rubber.

Spray it on, wipe it off, and then rinse it off right away. If you leave the IPA on the surface too long, it will dry out, fade, and break.’

Vinegar and water

You can also use diluted vinegar (25 percent vinegar, 75% water) to spray on the affected region and then rinse as mentioned above.

However, this is more aggressive, especially when using a more significant concentration. So if you can, we recommend utilizing an APC instead.


Saltwater can also be sprayed and used as mentioned above. In 500ml of water, add around a teaspoon of salt and mix it.

Apply it on all areas that have mildew. However, salt can dry out the paint and make it more prone to cracking and peeling.

Step #5. If there is any, kill the remaining mildews using an antimicrobial APC. You may apply a sealant to prevent regrowth from the affected areas.

Dry your car thoroughly and remove any moisture where mildews can grow again.

Use a wax, sealer, or ceramic coating to protect the paintwork. Sealants are probably the best option for this because they’re easier to apply than ceramic coatings and last longer than waxes.

You should also protect rubber seals and plastic trim. It keeps it safe against algae and fungi, as well as fading and drying over time.

For additional information, you can check this article to guide you on how to remove mold from the car exterior.

The greatest thing you can do to keep your automobile clean and protected against algae and mildew is to wash it frequently. If you wash your automobile at least once a month, no algae or mold will grow back.



We hope we have provided you with a helpful article for your aid. Other than knowing how to get mildew on exterior of car, make sure you apply maintenance and prevention too.

Check out how to remove tree molds from car paint for additional help. It could be a lot of use for other ideas that may come in handy.

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