How To Get Mildew Smell Out Of Sneakers: 4 Amazing Steps

You’ll probably learn how to get mildew smell out of sneakers in this article. As we all know, mildew thrives in a moist, warm environment. 

This means that fungus and its accompanying unpleasant odor thrive in the insole of your shoe. Mildew odor differs significantly from perspiration-induced shoe odor, but it’s just as awful. 

how to get mildew smell out of sneakers

Shoes can develop this odor if they get damp and aren’t dried quickly and thoroughly — for example, shoes placed in humid locker rooms or shoes that have been soaked in rain but aren’t allowed to dry soon enough. 

As we say, it’s simple to get rid of the odor: eliminate the mildew. Go check out this related article about how to get mildew smell out of leather boots for more tips that’ll surely help you.


Eliminating The Mildew Off Your Shoe

It is believed that your footwear reflects your individuality. So, if your shoes have a terrible odor, it gives the other person a bad impression. 

Mildew odor can make you feel uneasy, and you may lose confidence as you become more conscious of your shoe and its odor. You should treat your shoes the same way you treat your clothes because it’s the last piece of your outfit for the day.

Reading this article about how to remove mildew smell from leather jacket will guide you on choosing the best tips on the internet when it comes to odor removal.

Step #1. If at all possible, remove the insoles and set them aside. If you put extra insoles to the shoes for increased cushioning, you should discard them and replace them with fresh ones. 

Allow other insoles to dry before spraying them with a disinfectant/anti-fungal solution.

Step #2. Undo the shoelaces to open the footwear easily. If the shoe is still damp, use a hairdryer to dry it. 

Set a hair dryer on high and point the nozzle towards the inner areas of the shoe to do this.

Step #3. Inside the shoe, spritz a disinfecting spray. Make sure the spray reaches the inside toes completely. 

Holding the shoe vertically with the toe pointed down and spraying directly into the shoe makes this easier.

Step #4. Allow the shoes to dry overnight on the floor or a table. Check the shoes for any lingering odor in the morning.

If any lingering odors remain, re-spray them. Wear the shoes only once the disinfecting spray has dried.


Mildew Prevention Tips

Keep your shoes in a dry, well-ventilated area at all times and wet shoes should never be worn. To get rid of moisture in the room where your shoes are stored, use a dehumidifier.

After each use, make sure the shoes are completely dry. To absorb extra moisture, consider inserting silica gel sachets in the shoes.

Clean your shoes on a regular basis to avoid the accumulation of dirt, which feeds mildew spores. Try rotating your shoes so that the ones you wear every day have enough time to dry out when you’re not wearing them.

Tip #1. Shoes should be washed by following the instructions that can be found in the manufacturer’s handbook. 

If the shoes aren’t machine washable, soak them for a time in a small tub of warm soapy water. Remove the shoes and wipe away the soap residue with a clean, wet cloth before allowing them to dry. 

This approach should not be used on leather shoes. Instead, rub alcohol with water for leather shoes. 

Soak a soft cloth in the solution and clean the shoes’ surface. Allow the shoes to air dry completely before applying a leather conditioner.

Tip #2. Baking soda has long been used as a deodorizer. Fill the shoes with 14 to 12 cups of baking soda and let them sit overnight and the mildew odor will be absorbed by the baking soda.

Tip #3. Keep crumpled newspapers inside the shoes if they are moist. This method removes both the moisture and the stink and remembers to not wear the shoes until they are completely dry.

Tip #4. Fill an old pair of socks with charcoal briquets and place the socks inside the shoes. Excess moisture and smells will be absorbed.

Tip #5. Vinegar is a powerful fungicide that eliminates odor-causing microbes. Spray mildew-affected shoes with white distilled vinegar and let them dry. 

This will assist you in getting rid of the unpleasant odor because vinegar is corrosive to leather. As a result, avoid using this procedure on leather shoes.

Tip #6. Place the peels of orange, grapefruit, or lemon in the shoes and let them overnight. In the morning, throw away the peels.

This will get rid of the bad odors and replace them with new, fresh ones.

Tip #7. Put kitty litter in socks and put them in your shoes and then leave them to rest for the night. The litter will absorb the noxious odor.

Tip #8. Remove the laces and open the shoes as far as you can before laying them in the sun for a day. Leather shoes should not be dried in the sun because they might result in discoloration.



It’s essential to look after your shoes because they could cause you embarrassment in front of your family, friends, guests, or even strangers. This can also wreck your day at work. 

You can attempt a variety of strategies to get rid of the odor, but the best method is to keep your shoes in the sun, which functions as a natural moisture absorber. You should not have only one pair of shoes since you will not be able to properly care for them. 

Now we guess it is clear to you how to get mildew smell out of sneakers. Make sure to wash your socks on a daily basis so that the sweat from your feet does not leave any moisture in your shoes, causing a bad odor.

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