How To Get A Free Mold Inspection: A Comprehensive Guide

There are different ways on how to get a free mold inspection. One of them is by using an app. 

Find out more about the ways to get free mold investigation below.

how to get a free mold inspection

Moreover, this article will tackle mold inspection, its costs, and when to get them. It will be full of relevant information, so read until the end!


What Is A Mold Inspection?

Mold contamination is a serious issue. They should be handled by professionals, especially if the mold damage is extensive.

Here is where mold inspection comes in. Generally, mold inspection takes up to two hours.

In those two hours, the expert assesses the cause of the mold problem in your home. Then, the results of the mold inspection are made available after two days. 

Water damage is usually the cause of mold growth, so the expert looks into the type and extent of water damage in your household. For an example of how water damage results in mold growth, read this article about the cause of mold on hardwood floors


How much does it usually cost?

On average, the cost of the mold inspection is $648. However, it may even reach up to $1,010, depending on the size of your home.

Breaking down the cost, the pay for an expert mold inspector ranges from $300 to $500. This includes checking possible mold-contaminated spots and verifying which tests need to be done.

The standard mold inspection includes a basic mold test. It is quick, and its price range is between $75 and $150.

The basic mold test lays the foundation of the inspection, allowing the succeeding steps to be more targeted.


Can you get a mold inspection for free?

You can, although it comes with the whole package. Generally, free mold inspections are done in line with the entire mold remediation process as well.

You have to be certain about the mold problem in your house. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive to have a mold inspection and remediation without a mold contamination issue.

Another way to get a free mold inspection is through the app named Mold Busters. The free assessment through the app requires a photo of the mold problem with your comments.

Then, you send it through the Mold Busters app. From there, the mold experts look into your problem and tell you what steps you need to take next.

Despite the lure of free mold inspections, you should still protect yourself from possible scams. A way to avoid being scammed is by looking into the mold inspector’s credentials.

If they do not have licensing or certifications, it’s not worth it to have a free mold inspection. Two other red flags would include an inspector that discourages the second opinion from other experts and being forbidden to observe the mold inspection in your own house.

Moreover, if there was an issue in a house you recently bought, you may get a free mold inspection. For example, if you were uninformed of property defects, either the seller, agent or inspector should give you a free investigation.

Here’s an article with a similar scenario about accidentally buying a house with water damage to guide you in such situations. 


When should you get a mold inspection?

Now that you know what mold inspection is and how much it costs, you may be asking, “when do I need it?” Here’s when:

When you have extensive water damage, like flooding or a broken pipe, that needs to be amended immediately. Mold only takes up to two days to grow.

If you exceed that timeframe, you’re likely to have mold growth in your house already.

Another reason to get a mold assessment is to check the state of a prospective home. As mentioned in the article linked above, property defects may not be adequately disclosed.

It will be helpful to initiate the mold inspection to be sure.

Another reason to do a mold inspection before buying a house is if it was unoccupied for an extended period. Such homes typically have trapped moisture, making them more susceptible to mold growth.

Lastly, if you see mold growth in your home, call up an inspector to check it. 


What happens during a mold inspection?

Mold inspection is another way of assessing the mold growth and contamination of your home. It’s like a check-up wherein the experts work to figure out what to do next.

Most experts use flashlights to access dark areas, while some use cameras for more inaccessible areas. Typically, mold inspection involves talking with the inspector about the places where you’ve seen mold.

After that, the inspector will look into areas prone to mold growth. Then, they will look into the cause of the mold or source of moisture and develop a mold remediation plan with you.

If your home tested positive for mold contamination, then it’s natural to proceed to mold remediation



We hope this article about how to get a free mold inspection has helped you understand what mold inspection is and how to get them for free.

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