Guidelines on How to Fold the City Mini Double Stroller

This article will provide you with how to fold the City Mini Double Stroller. After reading this, you’ll know how to do it in less than a minute!

The City Mini Double is one of the most popular lightweight strollers on the market today. A lot of parents are drawn to this option because it can be used as a single or double stroller and has ample storage space for all your family’s needs.

Fold the City Mini Double Stroller

The only downside? It takes up more room when folded than other options like the Bugaboo Donkey 2 which folds into an even smaller package.


Steps on Folding the City Mini Double Stroller

Step 1. Place the stroller in a standing position with its back facing towards you.

Step 2. Grasp both handles at one end of the seat and slowly pull it down until all four wheels are off the ground. The City Mini Double should now be resting on two legs instead of four.

Step 3. Fold each leg by tilting it towards the ground. There should be two legs on either side of the seat like an ‘X’ shape. Hold both handles and fold them in, then push down to collapse the stroller until it is completely flat against the ground or another surface such as a tabletop.

Step 4. Use your hands to pull apart each leg individually if they are not collapsing with ease–they may have accidentally been pushed together during folding.

The final result should resemble how you would unfold a typical umbrella; this process also helps keep loose parts from getting caught up when closing so make sure everything slides smoothly into place!

Optional: It can also help prevent damage to any buttons pressed while trying to close by turning off the power before attempting folding at home.

If you are having trouble getting the stroller to close, try removing any items from the storage bin that may be pressing on either side. This usually is not an issue if this has only been used for a short period of time or stored while empty.

Use your hands and arms to gently push inwards at each corner until they meet at the middle like how you would fold a shirt in half.


How do you take apart a City Mini Double?

The City Mini Double can be taken apart by following the steps below.

Open up each of the side carriages: one at a time, pull outwards on both sides to release catches and fold down the back half until it forms an arrow shape with hinges remaining horizontal (not vertical) behind the front carriage. Place soles of feet against hinge for leverage as needed.

Push top bar from the rear towards the front; this will allow sliding locks to disengage when they are close enough together. Once loosened, push the top bar forward away from footrests so that left and right halves separate into two parts resting on their own wheels. The fabric should remain connected only at the seating area where its zippers are.

For easy transport, push each half of the stroller back towards footrests and turn them so that they lay on their side with wheels facing up outwards from the frame; this position allows for compact storage when not in use. Place one hand against either bar near the top to prevent folding down again if necessary.

To unfold: hold both halves over your head as you stand upright and slide the metal locks together at no more than a 45-degree angle relative to how they were before so that sliding lock mechanisms engage.

Next press two folded sections of fabric between the right arm and chest while extending a left arm towards the front (with palm resting flat on the ground) then fold the bottom part under the upper portion until it clicks into place simultaneously placing feet on either side of the folded stroller.

What not to do: never fold City Mini Double Stroller at a 90-degree angle, as doing so will cause both flexing clips to disengage and could result in breakage (see how we notify you below).

Never force or yank on one part of the frame when folding down; this can lead to an uneven/uneven job that makes it difficult for other parts to click together.”

When unfolding, be sure that your hand is resting firmly against any bar near the top. If done correctly, pushing with your right arm should put pressure on the locks until they lock into place. This position allows for compact storage when not in use. Place one hand against either bar near the top and fold the stroller down as you would for folding.


How do you clean a foggy rain cover stroller?

If the stroller is wet, use a mild soap and damp cloth to wipe it down. Be sure to dry thoroughly before storing away.

A gentle vacuum may be used on your rain cover as well!


What are some of the features of the City Mini Double Stroller

Folds compactly for easy storage in tight spaces like an apartment or car trunk; folds with one hand while holding onto baby’s carrier strap so you don’t have to put them down which makes things much more convenient when going upstairs or catching public transportation.

This stroller has lightweight construction making it easier than ever to carry around without sacrificing any safety benefits from high-quality EPS foam alongside reinforced metal bars – both located at all four corners.

It can hold children from birth up to 50 pounds; has large long-lasting tires that are made from rubber, not plastic so you can handle the roughest of surfaces, such as gravel and dirt trails

This stroller is perfect for travel because it folds into a compact package with no pieces left behind when closed. This product also includes an integrated parent tray that holds drinks, keys, snacks or any other small items parents might need while out on errands with their children!


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