6 Easy Steps On How To Fold A Blanket Into A Flower

Knowing how to fold a blanket into a flower is a neat skill to learn.


how to fold a blanket into a flower

Folding a blanket into different shapes is an excellent skill for those who often have visitors over or are working in hospitality and management.


Folding a blanket into a flower is easy. All you need is a blanket. 


The steps in creating a blanket flower only involve only a series of steps, and you can easily do it at home.


When is a blanket flower useful? What kind of blanket is best for folding into a flower? Continue reading to know the answers and learn how to create a work of art from sheets!


Step-By-Step Guide On How To Fold A Blanket Into A Flower


Step #1. Lay your blanket flat

For this project, all one needs is a blanket and any heavy object.


Anyone can use any blanket for this project, but thicker and larger blankets are preferred.


This is because the petals are more visible using thicker material, and a larger blanket is easier to work with. 


Lay the blanket over a flat surface like a bed or a table.


Make a square using the blanket. If the blanket used is a rectangle, fold it in half.


Another way to make a square is to fold the blanket’s edges slightly inwards, which would result in a perfect shape.


If the blanket used is already a square, move on to step 2.


Step #2. Bring corners toward the center twice

Once the blanket is a perfect square, pull the corner flaps towards the center to create a smaller square.


Try to fold the blanket as neatly as possible. 


Afterward, fold the corners to the center again to create an even smaller square. Remember the saying “garbage in, garbage out.”


In this case, any haphazard or distorted fold will result in a haphazard-looking, deformed blanket flower.


Step #3. Flip the blanket over

Place a hand gently under the blanket and another one over it, holding the center so that it does not unfold.


Carefully flip the blanket over on itself and flatten it.


Step #4. Bring corners toward the center again

Just like in step #2, pull the corners toward the center neatly.


In this step, thick blankets usually start to open up. Place something heavy like a rock on the center of the blanket to prevent it from completely unfolding.


Step #5. Pull out petals and leaves

In this step, the blanket’s corners should start to resemble flower petals.


Place a hand below the corners and find a flap. Pull the flap outwards to make the corners look more like flower petals.


Do this step for all four corners.


Afterward, it is time to create the leaves. Reach underneath the blanket flower and look for a flap located in between two petals.


Pull it out slightly to create leaf-like protrusions. Do this for all four sides. 


For the finishing touches, carefully pull on each of the petals to remove any creases. Make sure to support the center so that the blanket does not unfold.


Step #6. Display

Congratulations! You have just created your very own blanket flower.


Put it on a bed and impress your family and your guests with your creation.


If the petals seem like they will not hold together, place a rock or any heavy material in the middle of the blanket.


When Is It Useful To Fold A Blanket Into A Flower?

Learning this skill and creating a blanket flower is helpful for all occasions, especially in family reunions or in events where people will stay for a while in your home. 


Of course, this fold is for aesthetic and decoration purposes only and is not recommended for keeping away the blankets for storage.


Folding a blanket this way results in a very thick flower. Flower blankets are not advisable for those looking for a way to save space in their closet.


Other Uses

The same set of steps can be applied for any material and flat object, provided they are the right thickness.


These objects may include towels, napkins, and handkerchiefs. 


Once made, you can display flowers from napkins on tabletops for dinnertime.


You can also display flowers made from towels next to a blanket flower to complement each other.


While you can use any kind of material to make a flower, thicker objects are recommended as they would allow for the creation of prominent petals.


Using a thin fabric will make the blanket flower look flat and uninteresting.



While learning how to fold a blanket into a flower may seem trivial since there are other easier ways to fold a blanket stylishly, it is still a great skill to have.


It takes less than ten minutes to learn and create, but the amazement of anyone seeing it would last a very long time.


A blanket flower turns a mundane, everyday item into a work of art that will surely catch anyone’s eyes and leave a lasting impression on anyone that will see it.