How To Fix The Dryer Timer? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you searching for how to fix the dryer timer? Well, you are on the right page! Here you will learn about fixing the dryer in a few minutes. You will be able to do it on your own; for that, you must follow the guidelines mentioned in this article. 

You should know that fixing the timer depends on the product and its kind, also the year of your dryer, there seem to be a few various sorts of dryer settings. Although many current devices feature buttons that control the cycle and controls of the dryer, older ones often have a twist-knob timer. 

how to fix the dryer timer

Because dryers last for an extended period, many households still have older models, and the timers can wear out far quicker than the rest of the dryer. If your dryer button is broken, it may be changed. All you need is the correct replacement timer and a firm grip with the directions.


Safety Measures To Be Taken Before Start

Before undertaking this repair, keep in mind that it contains electronic systems. As a result, you will have to turn off the electricity from the dryer. You may accomplish this by disconnecting the rear outlet or turning off the switch that runs your dryer. Next, you’ll need to move your dryer away from a wall so you can operate behind it. You may fully extend your dryer or merely move this to the side if you already have enough room.


Steps To Fix The Dryer Timer

Below are the steps on how to fix the dryer timer.


Step #1. Take out the control knob

Disconnect the timer controlling button from your dryer. You generally bend this section to instruct the dryers how much to run and which program to use. Position it on the upper end of the dryer. 


Step #2. Remove the outer surface of the settings screen

Now, go across to the backside of the dryer device and look for the control center back cover. This is an extensive rectangular material that serves as the dryer controller panel’s backbone. Remove the lid around the edge with your half-inch bolt driver and place them away. Lift the back cover gently while using rubber gloves. The corners can be pointed since they’re not designed to be touched in typical use. But behind the screen, you’ll notice a series of parts, each having cables connected to it and fastened to the front of your dryer control center.


Step #3. Eliminate the faulty dryer timer

The very following procedure is to discover the precise part you want, the dryer timer, which would be simple to identify when matched to your new replacement. You can also detect it toward the front of the dryer to determine the exact location of the connection for such a dryer control unit.

Once you’ve located the disk, it’s a good idea to take a photo with your cellphone or use sticky tape in different colors to identify which cable belongs where. Unlike some other parts, the dryer timer is highly complicated and has a few extra connections, making it challenging to attach correctly afterward. Unplug the cables from the suspension components. Then, with a screwdriver, remove the dryer timer. Take it out and keep them away for later use. You can now uninstall and dispose of your previous dryer timer. Here’s how to reset dryer timer


Step #4. Set up a brand new dryer timer

Ensure that your new dryer timer is entirely free of packing before inserting it into the location where the previous timer was installed, inserting the screw through the given hole. Check that it is upright before bolting it in with the installation bolts you just laid aside. Put the screws firmly but not too tightly. Then, replace the wires precisely as they were discovered. Look at your phone schematic or check on your tapes marks to ensure that each one is in the correct position. You might well have attached the wires before installing in other fixes; however, it is simpler to install and then join the cables for the timer.


Step #5. Replace the back panel of the settings screen

You have indeed finished installing the dryer timer. Now seems to be the time to re-close your dryer and be ready to conduct a test. Slide your operating system back panel into position, aligning it with the access holes. You must be able to see the screw holes match up. Replace the screwdriver bolts that hold the dryer rear screen in place. 


It’s A Wrap! 

Now you must have learned how to fix the dryer timer. You can easily do it yourself. It is easy and will save lots of money. After selecting your dryer, try to test it once to check if it is working fine or not. Switch on the primary connection to the socket and flick the circuit breaker to supply energy while your dryer is still in position. Run your dryer on a gentle heat level or a rapid-timed dry to test what happens. If all is fine, you can resume drying clothing as part of your regular routine.

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