How To Fix Body Impressions In Mattress? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you ever wonder how to fix body impressions in mattress?

The best thing you could do is rotate it every two months or flip it twice a year.

how to fix body impressions in mattress

If you own a two-sided mattress, the rotation should be head to foot with each time you flip it.

Now, if you have a partner, swapping sides every month is best.

When you have the whole bed for yourself, the same approach can be made (which is the swapping sides) occasionally.

Not only will you be able to fix the body impressions, but also you can sleep in a comfortable way that you desire.

This article will discuss some of the tips and tricks on how to fix this issue. So without further delays, let us delve right into it!


What Are Body Impressions In Mattress?

There are times when I feel very uncomfortable due to the body impressions, which I am experiencing when I lay down in bed.

These impressions are entirely normal, and if we define them, these are often referred to as body signatures.

In simple terms, it is where your mattress will have unwanted indentions when you sleep, and it is happening on the surface.

You need to understand that you do not need to worry much about it because it indicates your mattress’s layers and conforming to your body.

This scenario is what the bed is supposed to do, and it is not considered an indication that you must buy a new one (unless your mattress is ancient).


What Are The Causes Of Mattress Indentions?

With the different types of mattresses, you must consider many factors regarding this problem.

If you own a polyfoam, memory foam, or coil spring, you have to expect that these types may create more indentions fast than other types of mattresses.

When you are noticing a dent, it will not be such a big deal, but in the end, it might affect your spine alignment.

The following are the possible causes as to which your bed becomes saggy and not very nice to sleep on:

  • Poor foundation
  • Weight distribution is uneven
  • Prolonged use
  • Not enough care to the mattress


Steps To Fix Body Impressions In Mattress

There is nothing more satisfying than lying down after a long and tiring work.

However, it will not be nice when your mattress creates body impressions!

This one is a common problem that most people encounter, which makes them truly unhappy and dissatisfied.

You have to remember that your neck and back should have adequate support to wake up in the morning without body pain.

So, how to fix body impressions in mattress?

The following are some steps that you can make so that body signature won’t get in the way every time that you lay down to rest.


Step #1. Flip the mattress over

If you are skeptical about buying a new one, the most simple and effective way you can do is flip your mattress over.

By this method, you can deal with the body impressions in your bed without spending a penny.

Yet, it will not fix the problem, but technically, you can have a solution to your discomfort.

Keep in mind that this method is only practical to double-sided mattresses, so it is not adequate for all types of these beddings.

As an addition, most mattresses can have body impressions after six months of use, and then you will notice the sagging in the area where you always sleep every night.


Step #2. Buy a new mattress

If you have enough budget, you can have the simplest way to fix the issue by buying a new mattress.

It will also be tricky for you on what type of mattress you have to buy next. Therefore, you must do a little research before doing so.

This method will make a good investment if you have an old one, and replacing it will make your sleep genuinely satisfying.

There are many kinds of mattresses that you can choose from in the market nowadays so; you should choose the one that resists sagging.

The older your mattress is, the more susceptible to body impressions, which means you have to replace it when it is too old.


Step #3. Get a mattress topper

This next solution is also a great thing you can do because you won’t have to buy a new mattress.

A thick topper should do the job and give you an extra layer of comfort without repeatedly having the same issue.

This method is a practical way of solving body impressions since quality mattress toppers are inexpensive and come with different types that you can choose.

Maybe flipping the mattress will do, but I am sure that it will not last very long enough.

So if you only want to fix the problem long-term with minimal expense, then this method perfect for you!

Moreover, don’t forget to maintain your mattress toppers.

That is all.


My Say

If you were to ask me, the one I will do in the meantime is to flip the mattress over.

You see, if I have a slightly used one, mattress toppers are sure to answer as it is convenient.

Like my case, I have a two-month-old mattress, and I noticed body impressions of it.

What I did was flip it, and until now, I slightly solved the problem.

I guess as time goes by, I may buy a mattress topper to add a layer on my mattress so that I can satisfactorily sleep at night.



The way you care and sleep on your mattress will indeed depict how fast the body impressions problem will arise.

You also have to make sure that your mattress base is stable and won’t tend to sag.

It is also best if you regularly rotate it to avoid the unwanted body signatures that will affect your good night’s sleep.

I hope you learned something on how to fix body impressions in mattress, and may you get the correct answer to this issue. Thanks for reading!