How To Fix A Scratch On A Stainless Steel Fridge? 2 Easy Ways!

Do you know how to fix a scratch on a stainless steel fridge? You can do it in different ways, depending on how bad the scratch is.

You are fortunate if the scratch you deal with is quite small, then you may treat it mildly. Whatever the kind of scratch you want to get rid of on your stainless steel fridge, it can certainly be dealt with with appropriate treatment.

how to fix a scratch on a stainless steel fridge

Several materials make up a fridge. Nevertheless, the exterior part of the fridge is mostly made of stainless steel, which is a trend in this era. Stainless steel fridge creates a clean and minimalist atmosphere in one’s home. No wonder it is chosen by the majority.

You may be worried because early morning, you saw that your stainless steel fridge has scratches. Probably from your playful kid, adorable dog, cat, or maybe you have done it yourself. You may get to know the culprit, but it won’t solve the problem. So instead, you must learn the method you would perform to erase that bothering scratch.

Guess what? You are in the right place! In this article, we will look at different possible means to solve this problem. Who wants scratches on their fridge? So roll your sleeves up as we tackle this. Good things will happen if you keep scrolling!


Ways To Fix A Scratch On A Stainless Steel Fridge

Not all scratches are the same, so we must also consider dealing with them by their kind or severity. Treating it the wrong way may cause the scratch on your stainless steel fridge worse.

In this article, we will consider two kinds of scratches, and treat them accordingly. To you who want to retain the aesthetic of your stainless steel refrigerator, the effort will surely be worth it! Just keep the excitement as we get to answer our inquiry which says, “How to fix a scratch on a stainless steel fridge.


#1. Mild treatment

This method is for minor scratches, thus the easiest to erase and polish. We will divide this into two sections, which we will consider 2 potential solutions for this type of scratch. For the first one, you must prepare a non-abrasive detergent, water, and clean cloth. For the other, we will use distilled white vinegar.


Using non-abrasive detergent

If you have observed, a certain stroke of grain is embedded in your stainless steel fridge. It may be going in an upward or sideward direction. You must first identify this before repairing it.

It is better to choose a liquid form detergent to avoid further scratches – as much as possible purchase this one. If it is in powdered form, then make sure that you dissolve it well in water. If you have a liquid detergent, then you must also mix it with water.

Wipe the fridge with a soft cloth soaked in water. Make sure that the area you want to fix is damped. However, it is better to clean the entire fridge, so if you will, damp the overall fridge. Next, spray an appropriate amount of detergent on the damped part.

Rub it gently following the way of the grain while having an emphasis on the scratch. After which, rinse it water and wipe it dry using a clean, soft cloth. Make sure that as you wipe it, do it as gently as possible.


Using distilled white vinegar

In this method, we will not undergo the mixing process. Instead, the vinegar itself is enough to clean the mild scratch. Also, it is perfect to use in maintaining a polished stainless steel fridge.

First, pour enough amount of vinegar into a tub. Then, damp soft clean cloth to the vinegar. Then, again, following the way of the strokes, rub it against the surface where the scratch is. After that, you may also decide to do it to your fridge’s overall surface for cleansing, not to mention disinfecting.

Then, leave it for 8-10 minutes. After which, wipe it off using a damped cloth to ensure that the odor will not stay there. Lastly, use a clean, dry cloth to make it dry and ready to be used again.


#2. Moderate to hard treatment

If the scratch on your stainless steel fridge seems to be quite visible, then you must do a less gentle treatment to get rid of it. Yes, just less gentle because we don’t want to ruin the entire fridge.

We will use toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush to solve this problem. Unlike the products that we have considered earlier, toothpaste is a little tough when it comes to abrasion.

However, it is not suggested that we put toothpaste all over the fridge. That may have different effects on your fridge, and at the same time, it will cost you a lot. So instead, rub it straight to the scratch – don’t forget to go with the way of the grain.

From time to time, wipe it off a soft damped cloth to see if the scratch is finally gone. After you successfully got rid of the scratch, it is suggested that you clean the whole exterior of your fridge and polish it with oil.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to fix a scratch on a stainless steel fridge. Thank you for reading up to this point of the article. Your time and effort are very much appreciated!

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