How To Fix A Broken Candle

Have you noticed that there are many people interested in candles now? So, now, many buy it and use it; however, they don’t know when things go wrong. That is why we will help you with things like how to fix a broken candle.

When candles break, either the wick is cut, the candle is in two parts, or the candle is in two pieces, but the wick remains intact. In any case, the candle is not rendered ineffective. There are several methods for repairing broken candles, the most common of which is to use lighter or hot water.

how to fix a broken candle

Candles are susceptible items. Because wax is somewhat soft, many candle producers add hardeners like vybar to their paraffin waxes to overdip an almost finished candle. As a result, candles are prone to chipping, cracking, and breaking. 

The thinner the candle, the more probable it may shatter in half, still held together by the wick. You may repair a damaged taper candle, but it will never look as good as it did before the break. So, here are different ways on how to fix a broken candle.


How To Fix A Broken Candle If the Wick Is Torn

Step #1

Fill a small saucepan or pan halfway with water and place it over high heat on the stove. When water begins to “dance” from the heat, it has achieved a temperature of 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. It is adequate because the melting point of most wax candles is between 125 and 155 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Step #2

Dip the candle’s shattered ends into the saucepan until the wax begins to melt. A few seconds should suffice for thin candles; more for more prominent, denser candles. Make cautious not to immerse the candle too deeply in the pot since only the very tips of the pieces need to be melted.


Step #3

As soon as the pieces are removed from the water, secure them together in their original form. Hold together for 30 seconds before gently placing on a table to air dry. Thirty seconds may not be enough time for the candle to completely dry. 

However, it will be secure enough to be laid down if done gently. Of course, the whole drying time depends on the thickness of the candle. But for most candles, a few minutes should be enough.


How To Fix A Broken Candle If The Candle Is Shattered, But The Wick Is Still Intact

Step #1

On a table, spread out some newspaper or old cloth. Then, hold the candle right side up on the table. Place the two sections together with one hand.


Step #2

Bend the top piece back to fully reveal the candle’s two shattered ends. Strike a lighter and keep the flame on the broken ends, swinging the flame from side to side until the wax begins to melt. It should only take a few seconds.


Step #3

Once the wax begins to melt, put down the lighter. Instantly connect the two pieces by keeping them together with your hands. Do this process for 30 seconds.


How To Fix A Broken Candle If It Is Tapered


Step #1

In a double boiler, melt a tiny amount of candle wax. Melt beeswax if you have a broken beeswax taper. Melt paraffin wax if you have a broken paraffin candle. 

It is not required to add color or aroma to complement your candle. It is solely up to you. Place the shattered taper candle on a piece of old newspaper, wax paper, or baking parchment paper.


Step #2

Dip your paintbrush into the heated wax and apply it to the crack. Work fast since the wax will cool as soon as it comes into the air. Then, continue to paint wax into the break.

Hold the two candle sections together until you are confident that the candle is stable. Don’t be concerned about the candles outside being soiled. Instead, allow the candle to cool.


Step #3

Check if the cooled candle is strong enough to stand in a candle holder without coming apart. Then, gently place it in the candle holder. If it breaks during the procedure, repeat steps 1 to 3.


Step #4

Take the candle out of the holder. Scrape away any wax lumps on the candle with a tiny, pointed knife. Then, gently buff it with a soft, clean cloth.


Step #5

Smooth the finish of the candle even further by blasting it with a heat gun for a second or two. Excessive use of the heat gun will damage the finish of the candle more than it would repair it. A hand-held hair drier will suffice if you don’t have a heat gun.


Step #6

To refinish the candle, overdip it. It is an optional step. Melt candle wax in a pot or container using a double boiler. The container must be at least the same height as the candle. 

Preheat the wax to 180°F. Using a candy thermometer, keep an eye on the temperature. Warm the candle fast with your heat gun, then dunk it for three seconds in the hot wax. 

Suppose the taper candle is one-half of a pair. Heat and dip the other half to ensure that it matches. Allow the candle to cool before using it.



So here are different situations and solutions on how to fix a broken candle. It is pretty easy fixing candles; just make sure you follow the steps right and know what you’re dealing with.

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