How To Fill Gap Between Mattress And Bed Frame? 4 Best Ways!

Do you know how to fill gap between mattress and bed frame? Well, there are so many ways, and one of which is just simply repositioning the mattress.

Maybe you are here because last night’s rest wasn’t that good enough.

how to fill gap between mattress and bed frame

You may have woken up discovering that your pillow went down your bed frame.

That probably made your neck stiffed. Oh, how frustrating!

But hey, we can fix this problem, and it is surprisingly easy.

This article will delve into some easy ways to successfully fill that annoying gap between the mattress and the bed frame.

So, keep on scrolling.


Ways To Fill Gap Between Mattress And Bed Frame

First of all, if you are asked why you must do something to fill that gap, what would be your answer?

You probably have kids at home and want to ensure their safety in every way.

So, discovering that the mattress and the bedframe they have in their bedroom have a gap.

That can be a cause of serious injuries, not just stiffed neck.

Their legs might get trapped as they playfully jump on the bed, or worse, fining their heads stuck between the mattress and bed frame.

Who wants that to happen?

This section will look at some simple ways on how to fill gap between mattress and bed frame.


Option #1. Repositioning mattress or box spring

Wrong positioning of mattress or box spring is usually the most common reason why there is that gap.

What we always lack is a keen inspection of the problem.

We miss going back to the very basic and just deal with a problem with impulses without logical reasons.

First, scrutinize your bed.

Now, if you’ve realized that you positioned your mattress wrongly, then make it right.

Next, if the culprit isn’t your mattress, then probably it is the box spring. The usual problem with the box spring is that it is not well attached to the headboard.

All you to do is to push the box spring until it touches the headboard.


Option #2. Remove obstructions

Still, in this option, the first thing you have to do is to inspect the bed.

Maybe back then, the mattress and bed frame fits so perfectly, but now it does not.

Why? Maybe there’s something that got stuck between the two.

It could be that your kids played around the room and hid something between the mattress and the frame, thus making a gap – perhaps an uneven one.

Maybe it’s a different kind of obstruction, but whatever it is, if discovered, pull it off, then you are done.


Option #3. Utilize materials that may fill in the gaps

There are many materials and corresponding techniques to solve this problem.

In this section, we will discuss some of them.


Screw boards

You can use boards with a thickness of 2 inches to fill in the gap between the bed frame and mattress.

The wider the gap, the more you need these boards.

You have to measure the gap so that when you buy boards, it will be enough – not less, not more.

To attach it to the headboard, use screws.

Screw the board above the mattress elevation for you to fill the gap. Layer the boards if one cannot complete the job.


Upholstery headboard

You may get an upholstery headboard, such as from an upholstered bed, directly from the store, or you may also do your own design using foam padding.

Upholstery is quite aesthetic than the board.

However, if you choose this method to fill in the gap between the mattress and your kid’s bed frame, consider choosing a hard type of upholstery.

Keep in mind that kids are very playful, for which they are very prone to accidents.

Now, if you use soft upholstery, there is still a big chance for them to get trapped by the gap.

This choice is best for adults, and it does add a gorgeous appearance to your bed.


Hook-and-loop fasteners

Perhaps you want to preserve the look of your bed because you love it; hook-and-loop fasteners will find a way for you to “fill in” that gap.

Well, they will not literally fill in the gaps; rather, they will stop the mattress from moving so that there will be no signs of a gap.

Put on the hook part on one side and the loop side of the fastener on the other side.

The number of fasteners you need will depend on the size of your mattress.

The next thing you have to do is make sure that you push the mattress to the headboard until there is no gap between them.


Option #4. Buy another mattress

If none of the options above works for you, the last option you may have is to buy a new mattress.

Just make sure this time that you know what mattress size suits your bed frame.

You may also choose a much bigger size of mattress than the old one you have.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you learned how to fill gap between mattress and bed frame.

Thank you for reading up to this point.

You are appreciated!

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