How To Disable The Swivel On A Chair

A swivel chair is a great way to sit comfortably and turn around to talk with someone or work on something. But how do you disable the swivel of a chair?

It’s actually not that hard! You can remove the screw at the base of your chair, or use a power drill to drill through it. This blog post will show you how to disable the swivel on a chair in five easy steps!

How To Disable The Swivel On A Chair


Steps on Disabling Swivel on a Chair

Step One: Remove the Screw At The Base Of Your Chair – Place a towel on your chair so that you don’t scratch it or damage anything. Find the screw at the base of your chair and unscrew it using a Phillips head screwdriver. You may want to wear gloves while doing this, as some screws have sharp edges that can cause injury.

Step Two: Drill Through the Screw – Once you have removed the screw, make sure to place it somewhere safe so that it doesn’t get lost. If your chair has a metal base, use a power drill with an appropriate sized bit and drill through the centre of where the screw was previously located. You may want to use a metal drill bit, as these will be more effective than using an all-purpose drill.

Step Three: Drill Through the Pivot Point – Sometimes there are two screws at the base of your chair with one in front and one in back. If this is how you have it set up, remove both screws and place them in a safe place. You will then need to drill through the pivot point between your two screws using an appropriate bit size for how deep they are drilled into the base of your chair.

Step Four: Drill Through The Upholstery – If you have no screws at all, and instead only foam padding on top, you will want to drill through the padding first with your sharp metal bit. You will want to use a larger bit than how deep they are drilled into the base of your chair so you have some room for error in case it is not aligned perfectly straight on top and then go all the way down until you hit wood again.

Step Five: Reattach The Furniture Pad – When you have drilled through the padding, you will then need to reattach your furniture pad if it was not removed when disassembling.

Step Six: Screw Your Chair Back Together – Now that all of the necessary steps are done we can screw our chair back together by reversing how we took it apart in the first place.

Step Seven: Test Your Chair To See If It Still Swivels – Now that your chair should be assembled and the swivel has been disabled, go ahead and test how it works to make sure you are completely satisfied with how it turned out before reusing or putting away for good. You may need to make the necessary adjustments such as how tight or how to lose it is and how much force you need to apply.

Step Eight: Put Away Your Tools – Now that your chair has been successfully disabled, put away all of your tools so they are organized and out of the way until needed again for them not to get lost or misplaced.

Step Nine: Reassemble Your Chair – Now that your chair is completely disabled, go ahead and put everything back how it was before so you can use the swivel again if necessary. Once done, double-check to make sure nothing has been left out.

Step Ten: Ensure The Swivel Is Working Properly.


How do You Lock a Revolving Chair?

#1. Use a flat head screwdriver or wrench to loosen the nut on the back of your chair at four points around it.

#2. Loosen each point about half an inch and then tighten again by replacing them in their original position, but leaning against clockwise instead of counterclockwise so that they are tighter than before. This will only work if the chair has not been used for any length of time.

#3. If you’re planning on leaving your chair in a public space, use a padlock to keep it from being turned again.

#4. Be sure that when you tighten each screw by leaning clockwise against them they are tightened enough so that there is no slippage.

#5. Tighten the screws on each point by leaning clockwise against them and then tightening again in their original position.

#6. You’ll now have a chair that can’t be swivelled around. If you’re planning on using your chair at home, remember to periodically re-tighten the nuts as they may work loose over time.

#7. A screwdriver is usually the best tool for this job, but a wrench may be necessary if they’re really stuck on their tight.

Remember to check how you should tighten the screws based on how long your chair has been in use; one loose thread can lead to them coming undone over time and being lost entirely.


How do you unlock a swivel chair?

A chain lock is an easy way to disable the swivel on a chair.

You’ll need to find one with matching screws, so make sure they’re both metal and not plastic.

They can be found at most hardware stores in small or medium sizes depending on how far apart you want them placed.


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