How to Decorate Around Loveseat Recliners

Recliners must now compete with functionality and style. With couches, sofas, and ottomans taking up space, the living room layout can be challenging to master. So, how to decorate around loveseat recliners?

A recliner loveseat, whether an eyesore or a welcome addition, demands special consideration in a space. Ignore the existing furniture in the room if you have to work with it. Instead, incorporate a recliner as if it were always there by including it in your decorating plans.

how to decorate around loveseat recliners


What is a Loveseat?

Loveseats are small two-seat sofas that were primarily built as a larger version of the armchair.  Typically, you can pair loveseats with more oversized couches in living room or family room furniture setups. Today, we can see loveseats in small spaces, informal office break-out spaces, and intimate places to read in coffee shops.

Loveseats are a great option for tight quarters. Because of its small size, a loveseat can fill an unusual corner or add comfort to a space in your home. A loveseat at the end of the bed, for example, can make an overly spacious master bedroom more luxurious.



A recliner is seating that reclines when the owner lowers the back and raises the front seat. It has a tilting backrest. In some cases, extending a footrest using a lever on the side automatically reclines the back.

Power recliners frequently include an adjustable headrest and lumbar support to enhance comfort. It also consists of an independent footstool that adjusts to the weight and angle of the user’s legs. Additional features also provide heat, massage, and vibration.


How to Decorate Around  Loveseat Recliners?


Usable Area

Plan out the space when you start arranging furniture, relying on what looks good or matches a specific theme. Don’t be upset if you live in a small condo with a kitchen and dining area in the same room. Try not to push everything to the edge.


Reclining Loveseat’s Design.

If a recliner loveseat has a simple design with no features, it will likely match most contemporary seating styles. Likewise, a relaxed-style couch or chair will work with them if they are of comparable quality and scale. Sleek designs with track arms work well with contemporary and art decor.

A  wingback or traditional-style recliner loveseat with exposed wood arms or legs is more appropriate in a traditional setting. If you are unsure about your style, consult with a knowledgeable consultant at an upscale furniture showroom. Often, you can customize a recliner style or choose a sofa or other chair style that matches an existing recliner loveseat.


Pattern and color

Nothing brings disparate styles together like coordinated fabrics. If your recliner loveseat is structurally sound, an experienced upholsterer can recover it to match other seating or bedding. Aside from changing the color, a different texture or pattern of fabric can completely transform the appearance of a recliner.

Adding details like nailheads or contrast welting can help you customize the style of the recliner loveseat to match your decor. If you’re in the market for a new sofa, a furniture showroom consultant can assist you. If you have a high-quality leather recliner, it might be worth it to recover the other seating in the room to match.


Recliner Loveseat Arrangement

A recliner loveseat, like the rest of the seating in the room, should be balanced in a pleasing arrangement. For example, a lousy format places the recliner next to the sofa facing the same direction for television viewing. Alternately, place recliner loveseat in front of the television and chairs on its side at an appropriate angle.

 Manufacturers can advise you on how much space to leave behind a recliner for it to recline fully. The cost varies according to the loveseat. The wall space ranges in size from 10 to 14 inches. When your recliner is open, make sure there is no wall behind it and clear other furniture.


Lighting and Accents.

Include an adequate table surface and lighting near the recliner loveseat for added comfort and convenience. Choose a sturdy table at the bottom to refrain the recliner from tipping over when bumping. Round tables with no jutting corners are ideal for recliner loveseats that also glide.


Empty Space and Corners

When rearranging your furniture, you will most likely avoid the corners instinctively. However, the truth is that it is most likely the best location for a recliner loveseat. The chair will be protected from foot traffic and will likely receive the least direct sunlight in the corner.

Corners are also helpful in concealing the actual bulk of a recliner loveseat. This new space is ideal for some quiet reading or privacy. For some, corners are not the best option; consider replacing them with a table and a couple of small chairs.


Leather Safety Precautions

Following that, you must consider traffic and light exposure. Finally, if you own a leather recliner loveseat, you should think about the effects of sunlight. Oils and UV rays are the two most common causes of leather wear and fading.



Nothing is more complex than figuring out how to balance functionality and aesthetics in the family room. But, don’t worry, you can have your slice of Zen while still pleasing the rest of the family. This article will guide you on how to decorate around a loveseat recliner.

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