How To Convert Safety 1st Car Seat To Booster Seat

This how-to guide will show you how to convert Safety 1st car seat to booster seat for older children. Car seats are designed for babies and toddlers, so they work differently than other types of seats for older children.

Converting your safety 1st car seat to a booster should take less than 15 minutes if you have the right tools on hand – which should be in any good parent’s toolbox.

How To Convert Safety 1st Car Seat To Booster Seat


Steps on Converting Safety 1st Car Seat To Booster Seat

Step 1. hen converting your safety first car seat to a booster is to remove the harness straps. 

Step 2. Use scissors or simply tear them off, making sure you leave at least one inch of the strap attached so that it doesn’t get in the way while putting on and securing the new booster’s belt. 

Step 3. Once all of the old harness straps are out of the way, attach your brand new highback or backless booster over top of where you removed those pesky straps. 

Step4. Make sure that there isn’t any slack left between whatever seats were previously used with this convertible car seat because if there is extra room then chances are good that something bad will happen to either yourself or someone else involved in an accident!


How Do You Change A Safety First Car Seat To Forward-Facing?

First, you’ll need to make sure your child meets the manufacturer’s weight and height requirements for forward-facing. 

Then, take off the harness straps (you may need a screwdriver or wrench to loosen some of them) and remove any fabric covers that hide push buttons. 

Lay out all of those pieces in order on a clean surface so they’re easy to find as you put everything back together again when it’s time to switch modes.

Then buckle up.


Step One: Identify the Seat Belt Type on Your Car Seat

Depending on which model of Safety First car seat you have, it may use either a LATCH system or traditional belt routing through the slots at the bottom of each side of the child’s chair.

If you recently purchased one of these chairs there should be information included with it about your particular model’s features concerning installation options. 


Step Two: Find the Best Location to Restrap Your Child’s Seat Belt on Each Side of Your Car Seat

Once you have identified how your seat is installed, it is time to find out where to re-strap it in order to make sure that nothing wrong will happen while driving around town.

The goal here is not only to prevent injury but also avoid fitting problems with other passengers who may be occupying seats surrounding yours.


Step Three: Remove the Seat Belt from its Current Slot and Re-Route it to a Better Location on Your Car Seat.

In some cases, you may need to remove one of the slots entirely in order for your Safety First car seat belt installation process to continue without getting interrupted by misfitting belts or safety risks such as seats that move more than an inch once they are installed correctly.

However, if this is not necessary, simply open up your child’s belt holding area with any common set of household scissors and reroute these straps so that they fit snugly into their new location without digging into the skin or causing other problems that could arise while driving around town.


Step Four: Reinstall Your Child’s Seat Belt After You Have Restrapped the Belts onto Their Car Seats Correctly

Once you have rerouted your child’s belts, it is time to reinstall them in their correct locations. Simply buckle up all straps into place and ensure that they stay firmly locked into position once you take off again on a normal trip around town or one where there will be more movement involved such as when travelling over bumpy roads.

If everything fits properly, then turn the chair upright so that this new pattern becomes second nature before turning back towards your child allowing him or her to experience a new level of safety and security.


How Do You Remove A Safety First Car Seat From The Base?

If you have a safety-first car seat, then it is important that you know how to remove the base from your vehicle. The steps are outlined below:

First, lift up on the handle located toward the front of your carrier/seat.

Then detach both side latches by squeezing them together and pulling them backward.

Lastly, disconnect the headrest strap (or belts depending on the seat model) by pushing in and lifting out at an angle.

And now you can easily pull up and away to take off base.


How Do You Rethread A Baby Trend Car Seat?

You can rethread a Baby Trend car seat by following these steps:

Remove the harness from the shell.

Reconnect the straps to each other and tighten them up, making sure that it is not too loose or tight for your baby. 

Flip the metal piece on top of both shoulder strap connectors down away from you so they are pointing towards each other with their loops open. 

Then align one loop over another without connecting them together at this point in time. 

Make sure all buckles are facing forward toward you as well as make sure any plastic pieces such as chest clip and buckle tongues/buckle areas are properly aligned before moving onto step three which will be pulling on those two loops until everything else has been pulled through.

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