Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Collapse Pivot Xplore Stroller

This article will give you step-by-step instructions on how to collapse pivot Xplore stroller. It goes through each of the steps with images and information about the individual parts, as well as tips for dismantling and reassembling.


pivot Xplore stroller

Steps on How to collapse a pivot Xplore stroller

Step 1. First, you need to release the lock on the front wheel. This is usually done by pulling up and out towards yourself. If it doesn’t easily come off, use a pen or something else slender – be gentle but firm with this part of assembling or disassembling your stroller. Once that’s released lift up both sides until they click into place in an upright position if you’re storing it away for later use; otherwise, leave them down

Step 2. Next step involves removing all four wheels from their socket holders like so: push down one side at a time while twisting counterclockwise. All four wheels will pop out simultaneously once removed from the axle sockets. Note here that you can use a pen or long thin object to push down the locking mechanism.


How to put a carseat in an Evenflo stroller

Step 1. Ensure the seat is facing forward and in an upright position so it can click into place. Then, lower the armrests on both sides as you push the carseat down until it locks. Note here that this may take a bit of strength to release depending on how tightly locked your stroller’s frame is.

Step 2. Lastly, give the carseat a good push to ensure it’s in securely before clicking the armrests back into place.


How to put a baby carrier on an Evenflo stroller

Note here that you may need some help putting your child in and out of this device as well as adjusting the straps properly so they are snug but not too tight around their body or legs (some pressure can make them uncomfortable).

Step 1. First, lift one side while pulling your desired strap through its buckle until taut. Then, do the same with both sides for each shoulder strap. Ensure that all excess webbing has been removed from underneath metal buckles. This will prevent any chafing

Puffy Lux

Step 2. Then, bring both shoulder straps downwards and tighten each side to your child’s body. Once the harness is securely around your baby, buckle the waist strap in its place by pushing down on one metal tab until it clicks into position while bringing them together with a second hand or foot if necessary.

It should be tight enough that you cannot fit more than two fingers underneath but not so loose as to allow them any movement away from their bodies.

Step 3. For greater stability between carrier and stroller, make sure: – The seat of the Evenflo stroller sits level before putting a baby inside (if tilted too far up or back) — some adjustment may need to occur for this part depending on how the stroller is sitting.


What car seats are compatible with Evenflo pivot Xplore?

Some car seats are compatible with the pivot Xplore stroller from Evenflo, including:

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35, Chicco Keyfit 30, Maxi-Cosi Mico AP Infant Car Seat and Base (separate purchase) and Cybex Aton Q/Aton iQ (separate purchase) – These car seats need to be purchased separately as they do not come included in the stroller package. However, these can still work well with your new stroller if you would like them too! Here is a list of some other things that should make it easy for you to use this brand with any of their products.


How much does the pivot Xplore weigh?

About 21 pounds, making it pretty easy for you to transport this stroller.


What are some other colours the pivot Xplore comes in?

The Evenflo Pivot Xplore Stroller is available in three different colour options: Aqua Blue, Lime Green and Red – It also has a grey canopy! The fabric also wipes clean with a damp cloth.


How long does the pivot Xplore take to put together when given access to all of its parts?

You should have your new stroller fully assembled within 30 minutes if you already have everything out of its box – Otherwise, just follow these simple instructions as listed below:

Step One: Make sure that both rear wheels are locked into place.

Step Two: Open the sunshade of the stroller

Step Three: Make sure that both front wheels are locked into place Step Four: Pull up on each side of your handlebar to unlock it and then push down firmly to lock it back in position. This should be done for both sides.

Step Five: Push down on a finger tab located near the rear wheel until you hear clicking sounds. Then lift with one hand while pulling outwards from behind with your other hand. Repeat this process for all four corners or more if necessary.

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