How to Close a Quinny Moodd Stroller

Many parents are looking for a stroller that is easy to use. The Quinny Moodd stroller has been designed to be able to fold up in one quick step and is surprisingly compact when folded. In this article, you will learn How to Close a Quinny Moodd Stroller!


How to Close a Quinny Moodd Stroller

Steps on How to Close a Quinny Moodd Stroller

Step 1. Press the release button located on the black padded handle, and rotate it towards you.

Step 2. Open up the frame of your Quinny Moodd Stroller by pulling each side upwards in a reverse direction to how they came out when unfolding them. They will click into place at a 90-degree angle for easy storage.

Step 3. Gently pull down one end of the stroller until it reaches its folded position. It may take some force as there is a spring mechanism inside that holds everything together tight during transportation but doesn’t allow any movement once closed!


What is the Quinny Moodd?

The Quinny Moodd is a four-wheel, lightweight and compact stroller for infants that can be used from birth up to three years of age.

The Moodd features an innovative one-hand fold with an automatic lock function, as well as adjustable suspension on all wheels to soften the ride on rough terrains.

With its height adjusted footrests and ergonomic handlebar, you will enjoy a comfortable push even if your child has fallen asleep in it!


How do you recline Quinny Moodd?

The Quinny Moodd’s recline can be adjusted to various positions with the push of a button. To adjust the backrest, you just need to gently pull on either side of it and you will see that there is an indicator line about where your desired position lies.

To Unfold:

To close or unfold your stroller, all you have to do is press one hand against each handlebar grip for less than three seconds – this releases the automatic lock function! You then run both hands along each handlebar upwards to remove stress from the fabric as well as protect its durability.

Now lift at your wrists until they are level with the top bar and take hold of two plastic hooks on the underside of your stroller.

Then simply move them to the right and push down on the top bar for a smooth closure or when needed, pull up at your wrists until they are level with the top bar and take hold of two plastic hooks on the underside of your stroller again before pushing it back down – this will result in an extremely tight closure!


What car seats are compatible with Quinny Moodd?

When it comes to car seats, the Quinny Moodd is compatible with Maxi Cosi Mico MAX 30/30 and Cybex Aton Q (with adapter) infant carriers. When you buy your stroller and are selecting a seat for it, please note that the two mentioned ones require an additional purchase of adapters if they do not come as part of the original package.


How do you attach a Maxi-Cosi car seat to a Quinny stroller?

Step 1. To attach a Maxi-Cosi car seat to your Quinny stroller, first take the front wheels off and put them in their storage slots. Next, remove the fabric cover of the footrest by pressing on it with both hands until you hear an audible click.

Step 2. Once that’s done, find two plastic hooks at the bottom of your stroller and place those around each handle/bar where there is a notch for it – push down firmly to close this thing uptight!

Step 3. Finally, slide one side out towards you from underneath the base frame – make sure not to get any dirt or debris trapped in between as they will have no way of coming back out without breaking something. Make sure to repeat these steps on all four sides to close up your stroller. How to Close a Quinny Moodd Stroller


How do you disassemble a Quinny Zapp?

First, remove the front wheels by lifting them off of their hinges on either side. Next, locate and lift the footrest from its storage position at the rear of your stroller frame before removing it completely.

Once that is done, you can pop out one or both rear wheelie shocks depending on what type of terrain you plan on using this for – sand might require more shock absorption than pavement would so choose accordingly!


Does Maxi Cosi Cabriofix fit Quinny Buzz?

No, the Quinny Cabriofix does not fit on a Quinny Buzz.


How do you clean a Quinny stroller?

Step 1. Cleaning a stroller can be done in three ways. You could use the hose, you could take it to your local car wash or you can do spot cleaning at home with a clean cloth and water.

Step 2. If the fabric is soiled, apply detergent directly onto the area of concern before mixing ¼ cup dish soap in a gallon of warm water.

Step 3. Soak damp clothes first before washing them by hand or machine.

Step 4. Make sure that when using bleach on whites and colours they are completely separate from one another as bleaching agents can react adversely with certain dyes depending on their pH levels.

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