How To Clean Water Dispenser On Fridge? 5 Easy Steps!

Do you know how to clean water dispenser on fridge? Vinegar could be a great help. Yes, vinegar is not just an essential element for cooking purposes, but it also has the power to clean. You may often forget to take a look at the water dispenser on your fridge if it is still in its best condition – mechanically and physically speaking. Dear friend, this is the chance that you get to give some of your attention to it.

It may be new to you to use vinegar in cleaning such an appliance, but trust me, this will work for sure! Of all the different kinds of vinegar, distilled white vinegar is the best choice to combat stain, dirt, or even bacteria on your fridge’s water dispenser.

how to clean water dispenser on fridge

You will successfully clean that water dispenser on your fridge as we go along the steps to properly do the cleaning. Then, it is time to roll up your sleeves and grab a bottle of distilled white vinegar from your kitchen because today is the day that your dispenser will look brand new. Don’t stop scrolling!


Steps To Clean Your Fridge’s Water Dispenser

You may observe that the water from your dispenser is no longer fluently flowing compared to before. Perhaps, you may also notice that the taste of the water coming out from the dispenser seems a little bit off. Finally, you may wonder why we will use vinegar as our cleaning agent.

First of all, we don’t want to contaminate the water we drink with detergent. Also, we want successful results, and vinegar can do that. In addition, it is possible that not all vinegar can be flushed off after the cleaning, but that is not a problem because vinegar is natural and nontoxic.

In this section, we’ll now delve into answering our main inquiry, which says, “how to clean water dispenser on fridge?”. I know you’re in haste to finish this job, so let’s do this!


Step #1. Disallow the function of water supply

This may work differently as there are also different designs of fridges with dispensers. However, the most common way is through pushing the power button of the dispenser. For more modernized refrigerators, that may be through tapping the power icon on the touch screen.

You must do this first before anything else because if not, as you do the cleaning, your water dispenser may release water or ice in no time, ruining the cleaning process, and at the same time, adding your workload. After which, locate the copper tube, then detach it by loosening the screws that hold it in place. This is important so that you may be able to pour the vinegar into it.


Step #2. Apply the vinegar

After you already detached the tube, this is where you will pour the vinegar until it reaches the water pool of the dispenser. The tube is small, and the vinegar is hard to shoot, so use a funnel to dispose of the vinegar and not make it leak properly. Shoot a little amount of vinegar gradually as you wait for the vinegar to reach the water pool progressively.

After filling in the tube, let it remain there for about 3 to 5 minutes. Then, put a basin under the vent of the water dispenser before pressing the key that will dispense water. Hold that key until all the vinegar is washed out from the water pool.


Step #3. Brush the vent

We will use a small soft-bristled brush in this step. Let the brush wet with the vinegar. Then, gently brush the external parts of the tube and vent.

If you suspect that the stain is quite prominent, then apply more vinegar. You may also use a tapered brush that is usually used to clean slim straws so that you may grasp the overall depth of the tube going to the vent. After which, drain it again with vinegar.


Step #4. Rinsing time

In this step, we will get most of the vinegar out – if not all. First, make sure to put the tube back in place. Then, turn on the water supply switch. Finally, enable the valve to flow off the water overall the organization of the dispenser.

Put a basin under the vent again before pushing the key to make the water run to rinse the vinegar. Do this again and again until your instincts tell you that it is clean enough.


Step #5. Cleaning the external part of the dispenser

Using a clean towel damped with water, remove the stains that are evident outside. If the stain is not erasable with water, soak the cloth in vinegar, then scrub it off. Let the vinegar sit for few minutes, then wipe it with a clean damped cloth. Don’t use abrasive clothes because they may cause scratches on your dispenser or even on the fridge itself. Then you’re done!


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to clean the water dispenser on the fridge. Thank you for reading up to this point of the article. Your time and effort are very much appreciated! Do you know more about cleaning the fridge? Read more on how to clean mold from fridge seal. Thank you for reading!

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