How To Clean The Dryer Vent In Apartment? 5 Easy Steps!

Do you know how to clean the dryer vent in apartment? If not yet, then don’t worry. We’re here to help you out. Well, there are a few steps involved in cleaning the dryer vent: find your dryer first, disconnect it, remove the lint from the vent with the help of the brush, and then reconnect your dryer from the wall socket. 

Dryers, like any other appliance having a lot of moving components, have to be cared for, serviced, and maintained to ensure. The dryer will not overheat or breathe correctly if the vents get blocked with different particles.

how to clean the dryer vent in apartment

And then, when working with multi-family housing, like apartments, most of these difficulties may have become considerably more problematic. This is since apartment designs, and structures deviate dramatically from separate homes, as we shall discuss deeper as we go. 

For the time being, let’s go through some basic dryer vent information.


Steps To Clean The Dryer Vent In Apartment

Stop thinking more about how to clean the dryer vent in apartment. No doubt cleaning the vent in an apartment is difficult compared to cleaning in a single house. But don’t be panic; cleaning your dryer vent might be as simple as with the correct knowledge and materials. The steps are as follows:


Step #1. Locate the dryer vent

The first and foremost step is to find out your dryer vent. Dryer vents are often found on the back/side of the dryer and inside the sidewall. There will be two vents if your dryer is positioned in a basement or against an exterior wall. Perhaps one flies out of your dryer straight into the air while the other gets close to your walls and ceiling. All these vents will have to be cleaned if this is the case. However, it’s best to take care of the first one before going to the second.


Step #2. Unplug your dryer

It’s crucial to unplug the dryer. This will avoid any dryer lint entering the dryer vent during the cleaning process. If this occurs, the location where the dryer vents through a hose may get clogged. Before disconnecting your dryer, be sure it’s off. After that, look for the fasteners that keep the side panel or back panels in position. They’ll most likely face right or left. If you ever want to reassemble these components afterward, remove them gently to prevent damaging them. 

Lift open one end of every side carefully when there are no more apparent fasteners. If there were any other fasteners, use a wrench to detach the dryer vent once opened. If there aren’t any, switch the dryer off till it’s no longer linked to anything.

Then, if there are any additional connecting elements, like pulleys or shafts, disconnect them. This allows you to access all of the unclean regions within your dryer. By detaching the internal panels, you may make your task more straightforward. When you’re finished, continue to another stage. 


Step #3. Lint is vacuumed

After you’ve unplugged your dryer, the following step is to vacuum excess lint. Begin by cleaning most of the nooks. When vacuuming lint, use a dryer hose or dry/wet vac. Then brush away any lingering debris using a broom having the softest bristles. Use an appliance paintbrush if you didn’t access all parts. All edges, even behind the panels, are accessible with the brush.

To wipe each area of your dryer, you may have to remove it. Just keep in mind you understand it all, so you don’t even have any problems putting the device together.

Find out the ways on how to tell if your dryer vent is clogged.


Step #4. Using a brush

It’s essential to use a brush after vacuuming the lint. Wipe the interior of the dryer vent pipe to clear any accumulated lint. Make careful to slide the brush through the tube as you get further when utilizing it. Getting back over it will simply find it more challenging for the bushes to enter. For better effect, clean the tube with a moist piece of fabric. When clearing tough dust or spots from ducting walls, a sponge might help. Know how to clean dryer vent hose


Step #5. Reconnect the dryer after assembling it

The final step in this procedure is to reinstall your dryer and ensure that everything is working correctly. Ascertain that each component is returned to its proper location. To avoid falling off in the hereafter, all bolts must be tightened. That’s also the time to repair any damaged or stretched components.


How To Prevent The Apartment’s Dryer Vent From Buildup Lint

While it’s nearly difficult to eliminate future accumulation in your dryer vent, you should undoubtedly bring things down. Having to clean your dryer vent daily might help to do this. The lint trap filter should be replaced regularly to avoid further accumulation. To prevent future collection, remove sand and dust in the area surrounding your dryer vent. Take note on how often to clean a dryer vent


It’s A Wrap!

This article will finally learn how to clean the dryer vent in apartment. We have discussed the five steps that assist you in cleaning the dryer vent when you’re living in an apartment. It’s an entirely different task to clean the duct in an apartment or separate home. But this article will help you a lot. Thank you, friends, for being with us!

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