How to Choose the Right Wax for Candles

Candles are an old tradition, but one that has gained serious popularity in the modern age. For most of us, candles are primarily used for decoration or to provide a nice scent within the home. In this article, we will show you how to choose the right wax for candles.

Although candles have many more uses, it’s more than just being a decoration or scent. Candles can help improve your mood and energy levels by producing negative ions which reduce stress and increase mental alertness. They are also excellent skincare products!

right wax for candles


How to Choose the Right Wax for Candles

When you buy candles at your local store, you will probably notice there are many different types available. There are several important factors involved in choosing the right wax for candles. This includes the thickness of the candle, what kind of jar it is sold with, how long it burns (how long should my candle burn time be), and even where it is distributed.


The thickness of the candle.

When choosing the right wax for candles, it is important to consider the thickness of your candle. The right wax for candles will be able to provide enough scent, but not so heavy that it fills up your room leaving no space for fresh air. Candles are typically available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.


What kind of jar is it sold with?

Different types of jars and holders can produce different effects depending on what they look like and how the candle fits into them. For example, if you buy a short and thick candle that comes in a tall holder, it will have a “romantic” vibe. If you buy a smooth, sleek pillar candle with no holder at all, it’s going to generate an effect that is entirely different from the one mentioned above.


Consider how long it burns.

There are several factors involved in determining how long your candles should burn. You need to take into consideration whether or not your candles will be burned in a drafty place (how is where you’re going to burn the candle), how long it takes to make each candle (the right burn time for candles depends on their size), and even what kind of wick you are using.


Where is it distributed?

Because customers tend to buy products that are made locally, the right wax for candles can vary depending on where they’re made. For example, the right wax for candles that are produced in Japan will be different than the right wax for candles that come from India or North America. Choose the right wax products with care!


Types of Wax You Should Know

Now that you know how to choose the right wax for candles, you should also know what are the types available.

There are basically three types of wax you should know:


Paraffin Wax

This is often referred to as the right wax for candles, paraffin is a petroleum product. However, some people find it harmful for their health and complain that paraffin candles produce more soot than soy candles.

There has been quite a debate regarding this issue and we’ll give you information on why some think paraffin candles are right and good and others disagree with the right wax for candles and prefer other types like beeswax or soy candle (or even vegetable).

Paraffin is usually blended with palm oil, cottonseed oil, or coconut oil. Some people think that blending makes the right wax better but honestly, it doesn’t mean anything if they blend the right wax for candles.



This right wax for candles was once widely used in the production of candles until commercial candle manufacturers started using cheaper ingredients like paraffin and soy right wax for candles.

It is more expensive than most right wax types, but this makes beeswax the right candles that last longer. What’s interesting about beeswax right candles is that they can even produce negative ions when burned which is good for your health and mood! Plus, you definitely don’t have to worry about soot with beeswax right wax for candles!


Soy Wax

This right wax for candles is produced from soybeans. If you are conscious about your health, this right wax is definitely right for you given that it is an all-natural right wax for candles.

It has a lower melting point which makes it melt quickly but this also means that products like tarts can be made with soy right wax for candles since the scent is easily released with heat (or microwaves).



Right wax for candles is often an essential part of candle-making. The right wax should be chosen with care because it will affect the whole process and even give you different kinds of results.

The major types available today are paraffin, beeswax, and soy. Each has its own characteristics which make them suitable or unsuitable in your specific situation.

It’s important to learn about each one before making a decision on the right wax for candles that is best suited to your needs.

So what kind of wax do you like the most? Let us know! We’d love to get your feedback!

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