How To Choose The Right Car Seat For Your Baby

How to choose the right car seat for your baby? Buying a car seat can be overwhelming at first, with all the brands and styles available.

But when you find out how important it is to choose the right seat for your baby or child, you’ll want to make sure that everything about their ride is as safe as possible.

The good news: It’s not difficult! Just follow these simple guidelines and tips to ensure they’re riding in comfort but also safety — which will give both of you peace of mind every time:

Weigh your options. There are plenty of car seats to choose from, but deciding on the right one for you starts with narrowing down what’s important to you and your baby or toddler.

You may want a seat that will last them through their early years (hello, extended rear-facing), while others might be more concerned about convenience in getting them in and out of the car quickly each day.

Then there are other factors specific to safety, like how well it fits both front-and backseat vehicles as well as its crash test scores — all things worth considering before purchasing!


Does this come with a warranty?

Yes! In addition to being backed by Goodbaby, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee which means if your child’s Doona® doesn’t work out like you thought it would (or gets damaged within the first three months), then return whatever parts are affected and receive 100% of your initial cost plus free shipping both ways on their website.

This gives parents plenty of time to make sure they’re getting what they want before committing long term (and losing lots of sleep) during those early years when the baby wants to be held all the time.

The Doona® stroller/carseat combo has many features that parents love – especially those with young babies or toddlers who are ready for a nap but not quite old enough to stay still in their car seat while you’re out and about:

There’s no need to take off the baby’s outer layer when buckling them into the car seat because there is an inner layer of fabric that snaps right onto it so they can keep on whatever diaper or pyjamas they have worn throughout the day (to reduce risk of overheating).

It also comes with mesh pockets on both sides where you can store sippy cups, toys etc., inside if your child prefers this over wearing one of your backpacks.

The Doona® stroller/carseat combo is compact and easy to store when not in use – something that parents get really excited about because it doesn’t take up too much space inside the house or garage (especially if you don’t have a lot of room).

It actually fits into most car trunks with no problem whatsoever for those who drive smaller vehicles like sedans, SUVs and hatchbacks.

You can also easily lift it onboard public transportation without assistance from another adult which makes travelling alone with your baby super convenient!


How much should a baby weigh before forwarding facing?

A baby should weigh at least 22 pounds before forwarding facing. The distance from the top of their head to where their bottom sits in a seat is also important, it should be 11 inches or less.

Most convertible car seats will state what weight and height requirements are for them on the side of the box so you can inspect whether your child meets these standards while shopping around.

There have been numerous studies done that prove to keeping children rear-facing until they are two years old decreases injuries by up to 70%. This makes it even more critical to invest in something that will fit your child’s needs as long as possible, not just for safety reasons but financially too!

Another thing worth mentioning when discussing infant seats is if you plan on having multiple children close in age, you can move the infant seat from car to car as long as it is not forward-facing.


Do you need a newborn insert for a car seat?

No, the newborn insert is not a must-have. If you think your baby will be small enough to fit into this cushion then of course it’s worth investing in one of these inserts.

However, if they’re going to grow quickly and outgrow their car seat at an early age, there may simply not be any point – especially considering how pricey some of them can get!

Most car seats come with removable head support that goes on top which also works as a rear-facing infant pillow for younger babies who need more support around the neck area.

The only time I would recommend using a newborn pad or insert is when travelling by plane where it makes sense because airlines don’t allow pillows on planes so parents have no other choice.


Do you need an infant insert for the Britax car seat?

Yes, you do. You can use the infant insert for adding more support to your baby’s back and head when they are in their car seat. While this is not mandatory, it would be a good idea to buy one if you want them to feel comfortable while sitting still on long drives.

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