Relax and Recharge: How to Charge a Power Recliner Chair

It’s tough to find a better way to relax and recharge than by putting your feet up in a power recliner chair. Reclining chairs are also great for napping, reading, or watching TV.

However, you can’t enjoy the many benefits of this type of furniture if it’s not plugged into an outlet! Fortunately, some easy steps will show you how to charge a power recliner chair so that you can keep enjoying it for years without interruption.


Steps to Charge Power Recliner

Step One: Look for the Power Cord. If you’re not sure where to find it, take a look at the inside of your furniture’s backrest. You should see an opening near one end that may have cables coming out from it in different directions, and this is usually how power cords are plugged into recliners. A quick scan will quickly reveal if you have a power cord or not.

Step Two: Plug it in! If you do, then all you need to do is plug your chair’s power cord into an electrical outlet and wait for the light on the front of the furniture (usually near where its footrest would be) to turn green. This will indicate that it’s now fully charged.

Step Three: Move the furniture into a position where you can access its power cord easily and exit from underneath or through one of the arms on either side, then simply unplug it by pulling straight out from the wall outlet when you’re ready to charge up again! You’ll be back in your favorite spot in no time!

Step Four: Wait a few hours for the chair to recharge itself and you’ll be ready to go again. It’s just that easy!  This is how power recliners work, so don’t let it get in your way of living life as you want to live it. It may not take much effort or space to charge up your chair, but it will take a load off of your shoulders.

As soon as you feel that the power is running low in your recliner and want to recharge it  again, simply follow these steps:


Can power recliners be operated manually? 

No, power recliners cannot be operated manually. This is how they work.  They need the electric current to operate and are unable to do so without it – this is why you have a rechargeable battery option if you don’t want your chair running on electricity all of the time.

You can also opt for an automatic locking system that will keep the chair in place if you need to walk away for a few minutes.


How do I know how much charge is left on my power recliner’s battery?

This will depend on how often you use your recliner and what settings it has been at for its last usage – but some indicators will show up when the battery is getting low.

You’ll be able to see the light on your remote control change from green, yellow, and red – with more frequent use of the chair or if you have it running at a higher setting when not in use for an extended period of time (like overnight), then that means that there will be less power leftover on the battery for you to use.


How much does it cost to fix a power recliner?

In most cases, repairing a power recliner chair will be much more expensive than purchasing a new one. If the power recliner has been in use for some time and needs to be fixed due to wear and tear – then it might cost you around $200-300 or so for repairs.

Depending on your warranty period with the manufacturer of the chair, you may be able to get it repaired for free.

If the power recliner is still under warranty and has been in use for a long time – then there might be some repairs that can be covered by your manufacturer’s warranty coverage. For example, if one of the motors goes out on the chair, they need to repair or replace it.

If you happen to have a power recliner chair that doesn’t work at all, then repairs can cost upwards of $400-500 – and if the motor is dead on the chair, then getting it repaired may not be possible. So in some cases, buying an entirely new one might just make more sense.

The cost of repairs can vary depending on the type, age, and manufacturer of your power recliner chair. A defective or not working motor could be a costly repair – but one with a shorter warranty period might only require minor fixes like tightening screws. These types are so comfortable they should last for years without any major problems other than normal wear and tear.


Are Recliners Tacky?

Some people might be apprehensive about purchasing a recliner because they think it will make their home too cluttered and tacky. It’s important to remember that there are many different types of power recliners on the market today – so if you’re not interested in gauzy curtains or oversized chairs, then don’t worry!


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