How to Burn a Candle Evenly

Do you know candles can recall how they were burned in the past?  If the wax around the edges never melts, the wick will tunnel into a crater of solid wax. If you get annoyed by this, we will help you how to burn a candle evenly.


how to burn a candle evenly

Methods on How to Burn a Candle Evenly


Method #1: Tunneling Prevention in Poured and Pillar Candles

During the first burn of a poured candle, melt the top layer of wax. Allow your freshly poured candle to burn until the top surface of the wax has fully melted. Keep an eye on the progress to avoid spilling it into your furniture.

Don’t put out the flame until there’s a 14 inches ring of melted wax around the whole circumference of the jar. During the initial burn of a pillar candle, a large pool of melted wax should appear. A pillar candle, unlike a poured candle, does not have a container in which the melted wax may collect. 

However, you may avoid tunneling by using the same method. Ensure that a large puddle of wax accumulates during the initial burn. Snuff out the flame after you realize the wax pool is no longer growing broader and is beginning to fall. 

Melt the top layer of wax with each subsequent burn. The first burn of a pillar or poured candle is crucial, but the work does not end there. Use the same technique each time you light the candle.

The wax must always melt in an even layer all the way to the jar’s edges. It will harden in a single, flat, homogeneous layer, with no tunneling. Poured and pillar candles, particularly large ones, need several hours of burning time to provide an even layer of melted wax. 

Don’t ignite one unless you intend to keep it lit and watched for a short period. While the wax is still soft, fold in the top edges of a pillar candle. After the flame has been extinguished, smooth the top edges of the pillar with your hands. 

Fold them in towards the center, transforming the rough edges into smooth curves that lean inward. These edges will melt away on the next burn, and there will be no surplus wax to produce a tunneling effect. To ease the tunneling, warm a candle in the oven. 

Preheat your oven to 175 degrees Fahrenheit and lay the candle jar on a baking sheet. Place the candle in the oven for 5 minutes to soften the wax and free it from the jar’s sides. When it’s heated, use a butter knife or a metal teaspoon to flatten it into a uniform layer.

Remove any extra wax that has accumulated on the wick. To obtain a good burn, leave at least 18 in of the wick exposed. Before beginning, make sure the candle’s container is oven-safe.

You may also use a hairdryer on high heat to warm up the wax. The wax will begin to soften after about 10 minutes. The oven is faster however if you want an alternative, a hairdryer is highly recommended.

To melt away the tunneling, wrap aluminum foil across the top of a candle jar. First, light the candle. Wrap a cylinder of double-layered aluminum foil about 6 inches tall by 12 inches wide around the top of the candle jar. 

Allow about 3 inches of foil to extend over the jar to form a spherical cover with a central opening. Remove the foil covering after 2 hours, and the wax tunnels should be melted. Keep an eye on your candle while it is burning. 

The fact that you can’t see the flame doesn’t mean it’s not a possible threat. In a hurricane vase, light a pillar candle. Choose an open-topped glass hurricane vase large enough to hold your pillar candle. 

The vase should stand a few inches higher than the candle. Burn the candle in the hurricane to trap more heat and soften and melt the wax more rapidly for a more uniform burn. With a butter knife, remove any extra tunneling. 

When the wax is heated and flexible, take off the hard parts with a metal butter knife. Carve out little chunks and remove them from the jar’s edges. Remove any extra wax until you have a smooth, level top layer of wax that sits 18 inches below the top of the wick.


Method #2: Burning Tapers Evenly

Another way on how to burn a candle evenly is to use burning tapers. Maintain lighted tapers completely erect and away from drafts. This is required for all types of candles, but it is especially critical for evenly burning tapers. Place a taper only in a taper holder or candlestick that fits snugly. 

There should be no tremors or tilting. To assist the candle to stay in place, melt a few drops of wax into the base of the taper holder. However, if you have a fit problem, to begin with, you won’t receive the most even burn from the taper.

Direct all airflow away from burning tapers. Again, this is critical for any form of candle. However, even minor air movement can have a notable effect on burning tapers. 

Keep any fans and vents away from the tapers, and keep any surrounding windows closed. Air movement will upset the flame and result in uneven tapers dripping with wax. Select “dripless” tapers. 

Although the moniker is a bit of an exaggeration, the wax of a “dripless” candle is meant to cool and solidify rapidly. So, even if your candle spills a bit, the drips will solidify into place. Once the flame has been extinguished, you will be able to peel or shave them off using a butter knife.


Conclusion on How to Burn a Candle Evenly

There’s nothing more annoying than having your candle burn unevenly, right? You just can’t help but sit down on your sofa, annoyed by it. Lucky for you, there are numerous ways on how to burn a candle evenly, give these two methods a try.

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