How To Build An Air Conditioner Stand? 3 Awesome Tricky Steps!

Have you wanted to know how to build an air conditioner stand for your window AC unit? To build an air conditioner stand, you first need to have a complete set of equipment then measure the dimensions of your AC unit. Next, create a box with measurements corresponding to your sizes and attach it to your window to hold your window AC securely.

Window air conditioners are mounted on windows because they only work on an open area where air transport from inside and outside environments will be accessible. An air conditioner stand is essential when you have a window AC unit to prevent your cooling system from falling and getting damaged.

how to build an air conditioner stand

Moreover, the air conditioner removes the heat inside by moving it outside, so it needs to have its body out, and an air conditioner stand needs to support it Providing support for your air conditioner will help it last longer as it requires access outside to reduce the humidity you feel inside your home.


Steps To Build An Air Conditioner Stand

A window AC unit must have something that will support it as it functions to give individuals a refreshing atmosphere to breathe. That means building an air conditioner stand is essential when you have purchased yourself a window air conditioning system.

Additionally, creating an AC stand is not enough for your air conditioner. It would be best to consider some factors like the materials used and how you build the stand to hold your cooling system securely.

You may use a wooden or metal stand as long as it can support your AC unit for long. With that, here are the three tricky steps on how to build an air conditioner stand.


Step #1. Air conditioner stand backplate

The backplate is a platform that will serve as the air conditioner’s support at the back. It will hold the air conditioner securely to prevent it from falling. To build a backplate, you should first measure the width of your window where you will install your AC unit.

Then, ensure that the dimensions are appropriate for your air conditioner, wherein it overlaps the window and corresponds to the window frame’s dimensions. After measuring the window, cut a wood plank using a saw accordingly that fits just right to the opening.

Next, obtain the dimensions of your air conditioner to create a hole for your backplate, which would be the opening of the box for you to be able to place your cooling system easily on it. Once you have obtained the AC unit’s measurements, cut a hole on your wood plank to hold your air conditioner.

Correspond the dimensions that you got from your cooling system so that it would fit the hole accurately. After creating the hole, you may try to put your AC on it to ensure it perfectly fits.


Step #2. Attaching the locks

Of course, we have to attach some locks to fasten the stand to the window. The air conditioner stand would fall out if you have not connected anything to lock the box in place. Cut a narrow horizontal strip of wood, which will be attached to the backplate to accommodate the rim on top of your air conditioner.

This narrow strip of wood would be adjacent to the lower edge of the window to provide an area for your window AC unit. After cutting the horizontal strip, attach it to the backplate using screws for an easy attachment of the AC unit. Next, create a narrow vertical strip of wood and attach it to the horizontal strip using screws the same way you attached the horizontal strip.

Next, saw a piece of wood for your spacer between the backplate and the windowsill. Then, cut another smaller piece of wood that will serve as a sash filler inside the bottom of the windowsill.

Attach the spacer and the sash filler on the underside of the backplate using screws. It will secure the bottom of the box not to fall if you place your air conditioning unit on it.


Step #3. Final touches

Now that the AC stands for your cooling system has been finished attach it to your window frame. The sash filler on the bottom of the AC stand should fit perfectly to your windowsill.

Place the air conditioner inside the AC stand if it fits perfectly on your window. Drill a hole on top of the box that aligns with the air conditioner’s hole. Then, use the screws to attach the AC unit to the air conditioner stand securely.

If you would like to make your AC stand look natural, you may fill some Spackle on the holes where the screws are attached and smoothen it. Next, fill the edges with a sealant so that the cool air inside your home won’t go out through the small gaps. Lastly, varnish the stand with a waterproof primer so that it would be able to hold your AC unit for a long time.



And those are the steps on how to build an air conditioner stand. Creating an air conditioner stand requires crafting skills and patience. When you got yourself a window air conditioner, making an AC stand correctly is necessary.

Remember that if you want to provide your family a cleaner and safer atmosphere to breathe, you would need to invest your time in assuring the maintenance of your air conditioning unit.

A well-functioning air conditioner lasts for a longer time as long as you installed it correctly in the right area of your home.

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