How To Build A Marijuana Greenhouse

If you’re wondering how to build a marijuana greenhouse, then you’re just in the right place. The steps are very simple as knowing, planning, measuring, building, and maintaining.

Don’t worry if it’s your first time, we’re here to help you. Just read on and get ready to learn how to build a marijuana greenhouse. But before everything else, let’s have a quick overview regarding marijuana.

how to build a marijuana greenhouse

Are you ready to have your own marijuana greenhouse?

Marijuana Plants

What comes to your mind once you hear someone say marijuana? A kind of drug, a plant, or something addicting? You’re probably right.

Marijuana refers to the dried leaves, bulbs, roots, and seeds of the Cannabis indica or Cannabis sativa plant; it is responsible for producing THC, a brain-altering chemical, as well as other related compounds.

Do you know that it is the most commonly used psychotropic medicine than alcohol in the US? Yet marijuana is not solely for fun. It is sometimes used as a drug in the medical field. But the legalization in some countries is still on process.

If you’re exhausted from spending your money on continually buying one, why not plant one yourself? But before planting one, make sure that you have a permit or it is legal in your country on growing one.

Get prepared to learn how to build a marijuana greenhouse!


Steps In Building A Marijuana Greenhouse

For many growers, a greenhouse is a more comfortable and more practical option in an indoor grow room. It provides all the benefits of outdoor cultivation like natural sunlight, yet offers protection from pests, and animals that could harm your plants.

Now, let’s learn how to build a marijuana greenhouse with these simple steps:


#1 Know your environment

Greenhouses will face different environmental conditions. In building one, you should know the environment first.

Every region faces different kinds of weather conditions. Some areas are hot, so you’ll need to cool your greenhouse mostly.

In cold places, warmth and heat are necessary. Windy areas might require your greenhouse to be sturdy.


#2 Plan, plan, plan

Before you do anything, you always have a plan in mind. How can you start something without planning? You might waste a lot of time, resources, and efforts without planning.

You can build or purchase a greenhouse of all sizes, from simple mini-greenhouses to full-fledged extensions for your house.

Think, what makes a good location for your greenhouse? It would help if you considered some factors for the site of your greenhouse.

Some factors you need to consider are natural sunlight, a shaded area, electricity, shelter from wind and rain, and the water drainage system.


#3 Measure

When building your greenhouse, you should also consider the size. Approximate how many square feet you’re going to need in your pot greenhouse. You can measure the number of mature plants you’re going to have.

Measuring is necessary to ensure that the plants have enough room to grow. Don’t compensate for the size of its growth: more space, the better.

The greenhouse of marijuana may be any size, big or small. No matter which choice you prefer, constructing it yourself would be cheaper and better than hiring a professional to do it.

You can start measuring from the area needed by one plant. Then multiply it to how many plants you will have. That way, there is room for everyone!


#4 Knowledge about what you plant

Before you plant, it is essential to know what you’re producing. Know your cultivars. Make sure you’ve been doing your homework.

Are you increasing strains of high-CBD or high-THC? Are you cultivating varieties that are more vulnerable to mildew, or is your natural condition beneficial to fungal growth? If you don’t know, better study up!

You are making sure that your plants are safe to grow from your greenhouse. Check for legalities and permits if it needs one. Some plants need licenses for you to have it produced in your greenhouse.

Better check the permits needed first before planting them to ensure your safety. We don’t want to get locked up in jail. Better be ready than sorry.


#5 Build

Of course, when building, it will cost you. Expect to spend between $300-$400 dollars depending on the complexity and size of your greenhouse. If you have other materials present already, it will be even cheaper.

The primary materials you’ll need are wood for the frame, PVC pipes for drainage, Rebar stakes, Plastic sheeting for covers.

For building instructions, click here.


#6 Maintaining your greenhouse

Building a practical greenhouse is not only about building a structure but creating a nurturing ecosystem too. Make sure you have control over the airflow, temperature, and humidity inside your greenhouse.

It is crucial to keep the air flowing through your framework to avoid mildew. A ventilation system may be mounted at different levels. Adding a ventilation system will surely help with the air circulation inside your greenhouse.

You can also use thermometers to check the temperature of your greenhouse regularly. Doing so, you can ensure that the plants are in a well-cooled place, ensuring their constant growth.

Having a hygrometer can be beneficial, too, as it measures the humidity in an area. Humidity is essential to growing healthy plants.

Lastly is always to maintain cleanliness to ensure that your plants are growing steadily in a clean environment pest-free and healthy!


Final Words

Every project needs to be carefully considered. Don’t create a more complex template. Keep quick, stay focused, and stay within your schedule, so you don’t get overwhelmed by sweating little things.

A weed greenhouse can be a regulated environment, but it is rarely a perfect environment. Be prepared to expect changes and modifications within your greenhouse after you start growing. Things are shifting, so you’re going to have to change right along with them.

There you have it; start planning on making your own now that you know how to make a marijuana greenhouse. Stay safe!

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