How to Build a Loveseat Out of Pallets

Are you sick of big, imposing furniture that takes up a lot of room and appears to absorb light? Choose a DIY pallet loveseat experience for a light and airy atmosphere in your living area. Follow the instructions below on how to build a loveseat out of pallets


Arrange a pallet loveseat set in your living room and have a brunch with some guests. A pallet loveseat will give your outside space a rustic feel. It is an easy and affordable way to make a loveseat that can fit your space and needs. 


The very robust and attractive loveseat will allow you to spend more time outside. It’s easy to make using free pallets, and it quickly adds flair to your patio. Build everything out of pallets, from the chairs to the backrests to the armrests. The most excellent way to make use of pallets if you enjoy being outside.

Things You Need

  • Pallets (number will vary depending on the size of the loveseat)
  • Cushions for the outdoors (number and size will vary depending on preference)
  • The fabric of your choice (optional, 3 to 4 yards)
  • Pins and safety pins
  • Water-resistant fabric (optional, if using material that is not weatherproof)
  • Circular saw
  • 2 × 4 and 8 feet long
  • Driver bits for you to drill.
  • Screws
  • An orbital sander 


Pallets with the “HT” mark are suitable for usage inside. Pallets with the “MB” mark have been chemically treated and are not ideal for indoor use. Verify the pallet’s origin and usage before sanding and utilizing it indoors without a stamp.


You can buy discount outdoor cushions, wrapped them in fabric, and coated them with fabric water repellent. This is a simple and inexpensive method to personalize outdoor cushions. When needed, the material may also be simply removed for washing. You can make two-seat cushions out of four 20-inch-by-43-inch pillows.

Steps on How to Build a Loveseat Out of Pallets


Step 1: Cover the Cushions

Cut the cloth into two pieces of 50 × 60 inches each, 2 x 20 x 43-inch pillows stacked on top of each other. Place them on a cloth and fold the long edges over the cushion, pinning them together. 


Fold the fabric’s short ends towards the middle of the cushion’s end. Pin them in place, and then fold the bottom up over the back. Carry on with the rest of the pillows and fabric. Make a note of the dimensions, length, and width of your cushions. 


Utilize them when cutting pallets for the loveseat’s foundation.


Step 2: Pallet Cutting

Step two on how to build a loveseat out of pallets is about pallet cutting. Measure and indicate where you’ll need to cut pallets using the measurements from your cushions. You can have your pallets measure 43 x 48 inches.  Your loveseat can be from two layers of pallets.


Cut the foundation pallets to size with a circular saw. The pallets can be 48 inches long and 43 inches broad. Make a second pallet of the same size and shape as the first. Cut a second pallet into two 15-inch-by-20-inch sections for the extension of one side of your loveseat’s foundation.


Step 3: Cut 2 x 4 Cleats

Using a circular saw, cut four 10-inch long pieces from the 2 x 4. The pallet extensions on one side of the couch will have security by using these components.


Step 4: Secure the Pallets

Use the 10-inch-long 2 x 4 pieces as cleats inserted within the foundation pieces to attach the two 15-inch x 20-inch sections to the 48-inch-long side. Half of the 2×4 should protrude from the end. 


Screw a small portion of the pallet to the 2 x 4 extension by driving screws through the pallet and into the 2 x 4 extension. The overall measurements of the loveseat will be 63 inches by 43 inches.


Step 5: Cut and attach the loveseat’s back

For the loveseat’s back, cut pallet pieces to length and breadth. The first piece will be 63 inches long by 20 inches tall, while the second piece will be 23 inches long by 20 inches tall. Using screws, attach the back parts to the sofa.


To fix the seam between the back panels, use scraps of pallet board. You can use three pieces, each measuring 3 1/2 by 6 inches.


Step 6: Sand the Pallets 

Sand the loveseat, as needed, using an orbital sander. It is for you to remove any splinters and smooth the wood where exposed legs may scrape against the frame.


Step 7: Arrange the cushions on the loveseat.

And the final step on how to build a loveseat out of pallets is the arrangement of cushions. Place your cushions on the loveseat. If necessary, apply a fabric water shield to them. This will be following the recommendations on the container.



Loveseat is one of the most affordable pieces of home furniture. You should use these wooden pallet loveseat ideas to create a new one at home for a fraction of the cost. Because the pallets are free, you can put them together to create stunning loveseats in a matter of minutes. 


To make this loveseat, you don’t need any carpentry skills or expertise. Simply layout the pallets equally flat and stack them to appropriate heights. After that, cushion them, and you’ve got yourself an instant gorgeous loveseat. That’s how to build a loveseat out of pallets.


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