How To Become A Licensed Life Insurance Agent? 5 Easy Steps!

How to become a licensed life insurance agent? There are five easy steps on how to become licensed life insurance. These five steps will guide you legally and adequately. In this article, you will see some essential information regarding this topic.

If you feel that assisting to preserve the general populace’s welfare and protection might provide you pleasure, a job as a life insurance agent might be ideal for you. This type of work offers various advantages, including a reasonably simple admission into the sector, the freedom to pick your workplace, and significant lifetime earnings.

How to become a licensed life insurance agent

Understanding the basic tasks, qualifications, and training required for life insurance agents is a fantastic starting place if you consider a professional career. Thus, step by step, you can be one of the successful licensed life insurance agents in your area.


How To Become A Licensed Life Insurance Agent; Five Easy Steps

A job marketing life insurance, though challenging, it provides you with the opportunity to make top cash in a credit crunch business. Dealers often get additional advantages, like the personal gratification they experience when presenting payment to a household that has recently suffered a loss member.

You may become a life insurance agent and embrace this gratification with the appropriate knowledge and expertise, as well as pure determination. Thus, here are the five steps on how to become a licensed life insurance agent:


Step #1. Get a college degree

Before deciding to be an insurance agent, you must finish college. Preferably, fields with the 4-year course have a significant advantage to becoming one.  Even though almost all life insurance companies do not necessitate college qualifications, several prefer to employ degree holders or college graduates.

To create yourself a more skilled job prospect, consider going to university in a related subject. Advertising, marketing, and administration are examples of valuable disciplines to get a career in.

However, any formal education or qualification that demonstrates your understanding of the business, management, and accounting fundamentals can help you stand out as a more competent future agent. Although, my friends, it’s also a good idea to understand your product; you may have an overview about which of the following best describes term life insurance.


Step #2. Think about getting a pre-license training education

Life insurance agency usually requires pre-licensing training program throughout most jurisdictions for life insurers. Call the local state government agency to learn more about your state’s license and other educational needs. This action will help you with what you need to do and prepare. It is essential to be ready as early as possible to avoid neglect of work in the future.

Check out if you need to finish a certain quantity of training sessions in the health and life insurance fields. Then, if your region has a list of authorized life insurance academic institutions with whom you should finish your practice or training. Finally, ask for details about any prerequisites for a continuous activity to stand out as a more competent future agent.


Step #3. Finish the pre-license training course

If your area mandates it, enroll in and finish a pre-licensing training class. Ensure that you take the course from a government-certified training institution. It will not be valid and credible if you enter training centers without a license or permit.

Several states’ Departments of Insurance will supply all pertinent details regarding course specifications and qualifications. It includes a series of pre instructors on their websites. These details will guide you on what papers you need to prepare.

In most cases, aspiring agents must finish a 20-hour seminar, with 7.5 hours of that time spent in person. A regular course might cost anything from 100 to 200 dollars; thus, prepare a budget for that matter.


Step #4. Take the insurance licensure examination

The fourth step you need to do is to get the insurance licensure examination in your location. Then, register to take the licensure test after you have completed your pre-licensing training course. After that, you can apply for the review online.

However, it would be best if you took it personally at an authorized testing facility. It’s worth noting that certain jurisdictions additionally demand that a company support permit aspirants. Thus, before registering to get the tests, make sure you know the rules and regulations in your region. Understand how to pass the life insurance exam.


Step #5. Wait for the results

As you finished getting the insurance licensing examination, you have to wait for the results to come out. While waiting, I suggest that you enter similar jobs like a life insurance agent to gain knowledge and experience. It will surely help you in the future.

Once you get the results and you’ve passed the exam, you are now a licensed life insurance agent. Then, it is time for you to apply for a job in different companies to have many options. Thus, this part is the last step on how to become a licensed life insurance agent.



Those are the five easy steps on how to become a licensed life insurance agent. You only need to get a college degree, enroll in training facilities, take the licensure examination, and wait for the results. As you accomplished these steps, you may call yourself a licensed life insurance agent!

Anyway, are you planning to get insurance? First, it’s best to know why to choose an independent insurance agent.

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