DIY Home Project: How to Assemble Your Reclining Sofa

This is the perfect DIY project for anyone who wants to save some money, and gets a custom-built recliner sofa! It can take you less than an hour to put it together and will cost less than $200. Follow these instructions on how to assemble your reclining sofa.


Steps on how to Assemble Recliner Sofa

Step 1. Measure how long you want the sofa to be, and then cut the legs using a hacksaw. Place them together on top of each other with one screw from either side at their joint. Now drive in two more screws through the holes that are already there for this purpose. This is where we will attach our arms later on.

how to assemble your reclining sofa

Step 2. Once the legs are set, measure how far apart you want them to be and then cut two more pieces of wood. Attach these using a dowel through holes that have already been drilled in the appropriate position for this purpose.

Step 3. Next, take a support board and attach it at an angle across the front of your new sofa frame with two screws.

Step 4. Now cut a piece of plywood to size and attach it with four more screws on the back of your frame, so that it should be flush against the board in front.

Step 5. Take another support board and place this at an angle across the back of your new sofa frame with two screws. This one will need to be smaller than the one on the front.

Step 6. Now measure how far in from each leg you want your support boards to be and attach them with two screws at this distance apart so that they will take the weight of a reclining person’s feet when sitting back.

Step 7. Finally, take an arm board and cut it down to size (you don’t want it too long), and attach at an angle, so that the top edge meets with one of your supports.

Step 8. Put this arm board on both sides of the couch frame to support arms when reclining.

Step 9. Measure how far in from each leg you want them attached and place two screws every 50 centimeters or 18 inches apart as you go up the sides.

Step The arm boards should be at a slight angle so that they will support your arms when reclining in the sofa, and their top edge meets with one of your supports on either side of the frame.


How to Fix a Sofa Recliner

Step 1. You may need to fix your recliner sofa if it has sagged, or if the stitching is coming undone. The process of fixing a recliner can be slightly different based on how old the couch is and what kind you have, so try these steps first:

Step 2. Check for loose screws on armrests at the back of the chair. If you find any, tighten them with a screwdriver.

Step 3. Check the stitching on recliner chair arms to see if they are coming undone or need repair. If you notice anything loose, tie it together tightly using a needle and thread

Step 4. Clean up the frame by removing dust from all areas of the couch including underneath cushions and around the back legs

If these steps don’t fix the problem, chances are that your recliner needs to be reupholstered. You may want to consult a professional if you’re not sure how to go about this process or have any questions.

The first step for re-upholstery is removing the old fabric from the frame and upholstery

Step 1. Remove all upholstery from the frame by cutting it into quarters. This will help you remove fabric

Step 2. Carefully cut the old fabric away from the frame with a sharp utility knife, and then pull out any staples that are holding the fabric to the wood

Step 3. Pull off remaining pieces of material or go over them with an air compressor and blow them away

Step 4. Pry up nails with a claw hammer or crowbar

Step 5. After the fabric is removed, sand down any rough spots to get an even surface before you apply your new upholstery.

This process will require some time so make sure that you’re able to devote several hours of work in one sitting.


What to Have in Mind When Buying a Reclinerycled Recliner Sofa

#1. In terms of sofas, the most important thing is that it’s comfortable. The materials used to make a sofa should be sturdy and durable, as well as supportive for back or neck strains

#2. When you’re looking at reclining sofas don’t confuse comfort with how easy they are to power.

#3. When it comes to the material, leather is a great option for those looking for durability and style.

#4. If you’re tight on space, then we recommend looking at sofas that recline fully or have an electric footrest option.

#5. Larger spaces can accommodate expansive couches with chaise lounge seats, recliners, or even a sofa bed.

#6. If you’re looking for an office space then several types of sofas come with desks and ergonomic features designed to help ease the strain on your back.

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