How To Assemble The Costco Portable Playpen

How to assemble the Costco portable playpen? The Costco portable playpen is a great way to keep your child safe and entertained.  The playpen can be assembled in minutes, and it’s easy to move around the house.

Here are the steps you need to follow to assemble the playpen:

How to assemble the costco portable playpen

Step One: Open the box and remove all of the parts. There are six panels, four connectors, and two end caps.

Step Two: Assemble the four corner panels by connecting the top and bottom pieces with the connectors. Make sure that the notches on each piece line up correctly.

Step Three: Assemble two side panels by connecting the top and bottom pieces with connectors. Again, make sure that theches line up correctly.

Step Four: Insert the long end of one side panel into an open corner. Slide it in until the connector touches both panels, then rotate it slightly to lock it into place. Repeat with another side on the opposite corner.

Step Five: Place a couple of toys in the centre area and watch your child enjoy them! If you need more room, just unzip two accordion-style walls from either side of the playpen and fold down flat for extra floor space when needed.

When not in use, they can be stored under your couch or bed out of sight. Keep all parts inside so that nothing gets lost when not assembled as shown below.


Are a playpen and crib the same size?

No. A playpen is much larger than a crib, and they are not interchangeable. While many parents use both for their child’s sleep, the baby may get hurt when falling out of one into another or getting stuck between the two pieces of equipment.

If you have an older child that uses a playpen but has grown too large for it, then consider giving the pen away rather than trying to store it just in case you need it later on with your next child—it could be dangerous if used again!

It makes more sense to buy something new instead of risking injury with items made years ago when manufacturers didn’t have as strict standards about safety.


Can you put a mattress in a playpen?

It depends. Not every mattress will fit into a playpen, and some mattresses just won’t work because they are too bulky or heavy to be properly supported by the frame of most standard-size pen enclosures.

This is especially true for older models that were built with inferior materials and manufacturing tolerances in mind so your best bet would be to check out reviews on different types of cribs before settling on one or purchase from an online store where you can buy it directly from the manufacturer if possible.

Otherwise, there may not be much left for you but trying one yourself which could greatly help you decide whether this type of product works well enough as a temporary bedding solution for your child until he/she turns at least three years old (according to Consumer Product Safety Commission recommendations).

If you are thinking about putting a mattress in your child’s playpen, make sure that it is physically possible before doing so. There are different types of mattresses and some may not be compatible with the type of pen or crib you have.

Additionally, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the safe use of any product. Finally, never leave your child unattended in a playpen, even if there is a mattress inside – she could roll off and become injured.


Can you put mattresses in a pack and play?

Yes, you can put a mattress in the pack and play. However, we recommend that babies use their crib mattresses to ensure baby safety and comfort during naps and nighttime sleep. Our patented Pack ‘n Play® Mattress works with all standard-sized play yards.

It is machine washable so it’s easy to keep clean between uses too! We suggest this for ages 0 yrs+, but always follow manufacturer product recommendations as they may vary across products.

Always check your instruction manual before using any product on children to ensure compliance with age/weight requirements etc., especially when travelling or visiting another home where products might be used differently than at yours (such as hotels).

This will help prevent accidents from happening while playing around with different items. Lastly, have fun and be safe!


How long do babies use playpens?

Most babies stop using a playpen between the ages of six and 12 months old. Some babies may use a playpen until they are 18 months old or older if they are not yet walking or crawling.

Playpens can be helpful for parents during these early developmental stages, but it is important to always keep an eye on your baby when they are in one. Make sure that your baby has enough space to move around and explore, and never leave them unattended in a playpen.​​​​​​​

If you have any questions about when your baby should start using a playpen, please speak with your paediatrician. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your child’s development.

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