How to Add Width to Crochet Blanket: 7 Simple Beginner Tips

There are seven ways to answer your question of how to add width to crochet blanket. The main idea though, revolves around only one principle: increase everything that you are using!


how to add width to crochet blanket

Got a thin yarn? Buy a thicker one! Or double strand it so you don’t waste your first purchase.


Are you using a small size hook? Switch to a bigger one!


How about your methods? Do you know that you can make your blanket larger by simply resizing your stitches?


For a more elaborate discussion, just read on! 


Useful Tips On How To Add Width To Crochet Blanket

Perhaps nothing can be more frustrating for a crochet hobbyist than finding that perfect crochet blanket pattern of your dreams, only to discover that it is too small to your preference.


Or if you receive one as a gift, you might feel too shy to return it despite it not being able to cover your knees.


Fret not, for here are simple tips to address your dilemma!


  • Use a larger hook

The premise of using larger hooks is that this creates larger spaces in between your stitches, thereby increasing the total width of your blanket.


Usually, a few notches above the recommended hook size do the trick.


The caveat is that those larger spaces mean more room for air to go through.


So, if you easily get cold, or getting warm isn’t just the main reason you are increasing your blanket’s size, then this might not be the right solution for you.


Don’t worry though, as we still have other options for you.


  • Get a thicker yarn

If you look into other sources, this is the same thing as increasing your yarn weight. It’s a sort of a no-brainer since using thicker yarn will make your blanket fluffier and broader in size. 


Using thicker or heavier yarn, you might need to make some adjustments with the amount of yarn you are going to use and the hook size appropriate for the job.


Alternatively, you may double-strand your yarn so you don’t waste your thin materials. Just keep in mind that this will use more thread than the other options.


  • Scale up your stitches

If the original pattern calls for a single chain, double it up! This is one of the easiest ways to widen your blanket, but it is essential to note where you are doubling up so you don’t get lost along the way.  


  • Add rows

Talking about easy ways to make your blanket bigger, why not add a few more rows of chains? This works well if the pattern of your blanket is repetitive.


Your blanket will be heavier after you apply this method, but who cares if that will keep you warm during a blizzard, right?


  • Utilize borders

Let’s say that you already have that perfect pattern of a blanket, but it is smaller than what you would have liked.


Also, unlike in the previous tip, this one is non-repetitive, and adding rows will ruin the whole thing.


It looks like a dead-end, isn’t it?


Fortunately, there are pre-made crochet borders available in the market. By adding some yarn of different colors or weight or some ruffles, you can achieve a wider blanket without worrying much about the pattern.


  • Add up on the granny squares

If you are utilizing ready-made granny squares or made it yourself, these handy pieces are very useful in adding width to your blankets.


You just need to be mindful of keeping the overall pattern intact when adding these.


  • Use math

When your teacher said that math is a universal language and that it can be found in all things, they probably drew inspiration from crocheting.


This art form is full of math! From the quantity of stitches to the use of patterns, everything has some number involved in it. 


There is no better way to illustrate this than using ratios and proportions in adding width to your blankets.


If, for example, you have a 4” x 5” blanket at your disposal, and you want to make it bigger to fit in more people, scale things up by multiplying the dimensions by the same factor. Maybe make it 12” x 15”, or 36” x 45”, it’s all up to you.


What are the crochet blanket sizes?

To further guide you in selecting the appropriate size of crochet blanket according to your personal needs, below is a summary of the standard blanket sizes and the dimensions for each.


Blanket Inches Centimeter
Width Length Width Length
Lovey 10 10 25 25
Security/Cuddle 14 17 36 43
Baby/Stroller  30 35 76 89
Receiving 40 40 102 102
Toddler 42 52 107 132
Swaddle 47 47 119 119
Crib 45 60 114 152
Throw 52 60 132 152
Twin 66 90 168 229
Double 90 108 229 274
Queen 96 108 244 274
King 108 108 274 274



Whether you bought a ready-made blanket or starting from scratch, adding width or length to this comfy piece may be a daunting task.


As you can see, by simply using different tools, materials, or methods, the job becomes more manageable.


Just follow these tips, and you’ll never have to worry about how to add width to crochet blankets ever again.