How to Add Height To A Bamboo Loveseat

It may be possible to raise the chair’s height depending on its design. Making a chair taller can help it blend in with other pieces of furniture. Today we’ll find out how to add height to a bamboo loveseat.


how to add height to a bamboo loveseat

A taller chair is also easier to sit in and get out of for older folks and people with physical limitations. There are a couple of different ways to raise an existing chair.


For persons who have trouble rising from a low surface owing to muscle weakness, injury, age, or handicap. Adding height to your loveseat can make this vital piece of furniture more comfortable. 


By elevating the loveseat up to the level of the other seats in the room. A taller loveseat may work better in a conversational grouping. Examine the various methods for lifting the loveseat to choose the best suits your furnishings, design, and budget.


Let’s get a few things clear before we get to how to add height to a bamboo loveseat.


What is a loveseat?


A loveseat is a small two-seat sofa designed for two people (a couple). A loveseat, also known as a double chair, can be purchased separately or as part of a living room set. A loveseat can have different styles and shapes, such as lower backs with higher armrests.


A loveseat has no set length because it can come in a variety of dimensions to fit a variety of rooms and spaces. A loveseat’s broad range, measured from armrest to armrest, is between 48 and 72 inches (19 and 28 cm).


Despite its name, the loveseat was not designed to accommodate couples or lovers. Its original purpose was to provide more space for women to sit in their large and lavish gowns. The usage of the loveseat evolved as fashion did. 


It became the ideal piece of furniture for two individuals to converse in close quarters. The seats were initially constructed in an S form to face each other, but today’s loveseat is a side-by-side seated sofa.


What is a sofa?


The word “sofa” is a Turkish transcription of the Arabic noun “suffah.” Which refers to a bench or raised platform for sitting or lying down. A sofa is traditionally wrapped in fabric and ornamented with pillows.


Sofas have well-defined arms and backs, as befitting its origins as a bench-like piece of furniture. Sofas are generally upholstered as well. Although you can recline a couch, it is primarily designed for sitting. As a result, sofas are more formal and ideal for the living room.


We’ve determined what a loveseat is and what a sofa is. Now let’s get to how to add height to a bamboo loveseat.


Add a Set of Risers to the Mix


Risers are blocks that hold furniture legs and have a receptacle at the top. Placing a couch on risers can increase the height of the sofa by up to five inches.


Before you go shopping, measure the width of the couch legs to be sure they’ll fit in the risers. Risers are best used with vintage or expensive sofas that would lose value if you altered them.


The most significant disadvantage of utilizing risers to raise the height of a sofa is that they are visible. Therefore, the risers will be hidden by a slipcover that reaches the floor. 


After the risers are in place, take measurements for the slipcover. Again, it is to ensure that you choose one that is long enough to cover them.


Add Casters


It is increasing the height by adding casters or replacing existing casters with larger ones. Drill a hole in the center of each leg’s bottom. Use a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the shank of the caster. To secure the castor, you may need to use wood glue.


Choose heavy-duty castors, such as ball-type castors. Brake-equipped casters improve the chair’s stability. However, adding casters to a loveseat is not recommended if the user has any mobility impairments or weaknesses.


You should replace seat Cushions.


Depending on the loveseat style, replacing seat cushions with taller ones may be possible to raise the seating surface. Unfortunately, replaceable seat cushions are not available on all loveseats.


If yours does, foam shops or online vendors sell foam that you can use to make seat cushions. In addition, custom cushions are caused by certain foam and cushion suppliers.


Legs with Screws


Screw-on legs for loveseats are available in a variety of styles. For example, if you replace your loveseat’s 2-inch bun feet with 8-inch legs, it will be 6 inches taller. In addition, hardware stores and some furniture stores sell furniture legs.


This approach has the benefit of not drastically affecting the loveseat’s appearance. However, because not all loveseats have screw-in legs, have someone help you lie the loveseat on its back to check the legs before you go shopping.


You can also add a decorative ball or bun to the bottom of each leg. These are intended to add style to your piece, but they will raise the couch an inch or two.




In conclusion, increasing your bamboo loveseat’s height is nothing complicated. Even basic improvisation should do the trick. It’s a fun and easy task anyone can finish in less than 1 hour. That concludes how to add height to a bamboo loveseat.


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