How Much for Louis XV Loveseat?

You can enjoy all of your favorite things from the comfort of a loveseat, whether it’s a raging fire in your fireplace, a new movie, or good conversation. Loveseats in the style of Louis XV is the perfect size for two people. So, how much for Louis XV loveseat?


how much for louis xv loveseat

What is a loveseat?


They created original love chairs with women in mind and developed with their comfort in mind. Women throughout the 17th and 18th centuries were being expected to wear costumes that, to a modern lady, could only characterize as torture devices.


Because they made the petticoats with as many lace frills, hoops, and bones as possible, the wearers required plenty of room to stretch their petticoats and “take a burden off” in the literal sense. As a result, these somewhat longer hardwood seats were being designed specifically for that function. They weren’t really comfy, but they were functional.


Louis XV


Louis XV, often known as Louis the Beloved, reigned over France from 1 September 1715 until his death in 1774. He succeeded his great-grandfather, Louis XIV, at the age of five. 

Philippe II, Duke of Orléans, controlled the country as Regent of France until he achieved adulthood on 15 February 1723.


When Louis XIV died on September 1, 1715, his grandson, Louis XV, born in 1710, ascended to the throne. France was being controlled by the Regent, Philippe of Orleans, until 1723, due to his youth. 


The style of furniture during this time varied little from that of Louis XIV; it was large, elaborately ornamented, and somber, created for the huge staterooms of the new Palace of Versailles. 

In 1722, Louis XV relocated from Paris. 


Here he had been living with the Regent, to Versailles, where he established his own reign. Also, he progressively imposed his own style on the arts, architecture, and furnishings.


Louis XV style furniture


Curved shapes, lightness, comfort, and asymmetry define Louis XV furniture, which supplanted the more formal, boxlike, and huge furniture of the style of Louis XIV. ||They made it with marquetry and exotic woods of various colors, as well as ivory and mother of pearl inlays.


The Louis XV furniture was being constructed via the collaboration of a sophisticated network of designers and artisans. 


The Menuisier designed the furniture’s wooden framework. This was being held together by its structure and wooden cleats or dowels. It was because the use of nails or glue was being prohibited. 


The architect then used marquetry to cover the frame and natural timbers. This was during the reign of Louis XIV. 




Claude III Audran, who had been in charge of furniture design under Louis XIV; Pierre Lepautre, who had been in charge of furniture design under Louis XIV; and Claude III Audran, who had been in charge of furniture design under Louis XIV, were among the earliest furniture designers during the Regency.


Watteau, a former classmate of Audran, was another major person in promoting the new style, creating arabesque motifs for the woodwork of the new castle of La Muette in addition to his famous paintings.


Louis XV loveseat


A slew of new shapes have emerged, all with a focus on comfort. The Bergere featured a low seat with an extra cushion, and it occasionally featured cushioned wings above the arms on each side of the back that sheltered the head from breezes and made it easier to snooze.


Other new types offered were the marquise, which was just an armchair stretched to accommodate two people, the chaise longue, which was an armchair with an extended seat to support the legs, and the Duchesse, which was two chairs united with an extension between them.


How much for Louis XV Loveseat?


During the reign of Louis XV, there were severe laws and regulations governing furniture design, and particular guilds were being established to oversee and preserve the highest quality and design standards in handicrafts. 


As a result, the furniture manufactured was of exceptionally high quality. This fact, together with the historical significance of Louis XV furniture. Today, it is a highly precious commodity.

So, to answer the big question, how much for Louis XV loveseat?




Loveseat / Sofa / Settee in the Louis XV style. The frame is being carved from oak wood. 

  • Price:  US $800.00


Antique Louis XV Rococo Victorian Carved Mahogany Purple Loveseat Settee from France

  • Price: US $2,800.00


French Louis XV Style Highly Carved Loveseat, Vintage 1930s

  • Price: US $1,395.00

Louis XV Cream Painted Loveseat from the 20th Century

  • Cream-painted loveseat in the style of Louis XV. frame with carved shell embellishments, French curls.
  • Price: US $1,265


Walnut Louis XV Loveseat

  • A Louis XV style loveseat with a carved walnut frame and pink upholstery. The seat height is 18″ and the fabric has some fading and wear.
  • Price: US $825


  1. Red Louis Xv Loveseat Tufted Seat Couch
  • Price: $2,345.00




Vintage furniture helps you to create a one-of-a-kind house that displays your personality rather than appearing like everyone else’s. Your property should have a distinct personality! Fortunately, the Louis XV loveseats are one-of-a-kind and come in a wide range of styles.


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