How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Stroller at Disneyland? 3 Tips and Ideas

Disneyland is a place that’s known for its family-friendly atmosphere, but how much does it cost to rent a stroller at Disneyland? In this article, we will talk about how much you’ll be spending on renting a stroller and why.


How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Stroller at Disneyland?

Tips on Ascertaining Stroller Rental Price in Disneyland

One important thing to remember when renting a stroller at Disneyland is how much it will cost. It’s not cheap to rent one- but how much does it actually cost? The price of the strollers ranges from $15 for an umbrella style, all the way up to $85 for a luxury model with many features and storage areas. The average stroller rental is either going to be $20-$30, which includes the most popular strollers that are on-hand.

The cost of renting a stroller varies depending on how much you’ll need it. For example, if you’re planning to take your children for an entire day at Disneyland, it would make sense to rent the stroller, but if you’re just going to be there for a few hours, then it might not make sense.

It’s important that when renting the stroller at Disneyland you remember how much it’ll cost before bringing your child in and expecting them to fit into one of these more expensive models! A good rule of thumb is to make sure your child is at least 36″ tall before considering how much it would cost to rent.

There are also some requirements when you’re renting the stroller, namely that all children in the party must be of a certain height or age depending on what type of stroller they want and how old they are.

For example, if you want a baby stroller the child must be at least six months old and can’t be taller than 36″. And, of course, when renting any type of stroller you’ll have to leave with it!

You might also need to rent an umbrella if it’s raining or feeling too hot. Keep in mind how much time your family will spend there as well – how much would it cost for example? You don’t want to spend $30+ on something that you only plan on using for just a few hours.

If this is going to be the case then maybe consider buying one ahead of time so that everyone has their own. In general, though- take some time figuring out how long you’re planning on being there and how many people will be with you.


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What size stroller is allowed at Disneyland?

Disneyland allows families to bring a stroller with them into the park if it is:

  • Small enough to fit in a locker or under your seat on rides,
  • Not so large that you need assistance from cast members.


Which rental company should I use?

There are several companies available for renting out their products at Disneyland. They have different prices and features, so you should consider how much time you plan to spend at the park when choosing which company is best for your family.

  • Disney’s preferred service provider as of 2018: Premiere Service Rentals
  • Other providers include: Avis, Hertz, National Car Rental


Disneyland Stroller Policy 2021

Disney is making changes to how guests can rent strollers at the theme park.

The new policy will go into effect on January 31st 2021. It only applies to rentals purchased inside of Disneyland, not those rented from offsite vendors or outside entities like Uber Eats.

Pricing: The prices range from $15 per day up to $30 per day depending on how many days you need a stroller rental. There are no additional charges for renting a double stroller as long as they come in tandem with another single child’s one (additional fees may apply). For reference purposes, if you’re planning on going just one day without your own transportation, then this option would be more cost-effective.

Occasionally, you might hear someone say how much does it cost to rent a stroller at Disneyland. What’s more important is how much do I save by renting from Disneyland? The current price for single day rentals ranges between $15-$30, including the handling fee. Now let’s compare this with what you would pay offsite or online such as on Uber eats:

  1. A single child rental costs about $65 in Los Angeles – so if your family needs two of them then plan on shelling out close to three hundred dollars already!
  2. Two children may not be enough which means another additional expense could push the total up to four hundred bucks or even over five hundred dollars depending on where you’re located !!!
  3. You can get a double stroller at Disneyland for around $30 and that includes the handling fee.
  4. If you are flying to LA, renting a single child rental from Disney would be about $65. Now how much is your flight? Airfare isn’t going to be cheap but it will only cost an additional hundred and fifty dollars or so (from what I was seeing on Orbitz) depending on how far out you’re booking which means we’ve saved over 300 bucks just by using this service!


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