How Long To Run A Pressure Washer? A Complete Guide!

Are you wondering about how long to run a pressure washer? Run your computer for 5 to 10 minutes, and then turn it off to minimize overheating. Many users leave their pressure washer running for 60 minutes or above without stopping to let the engine cool down.

They also claim that there will be no problems even if you do not give the pressure washer a chance to rest. You should not trust them since this can cause your pump and engine to be overheated, causing severe damage to your machine’s components or the pressure washer to become disconnected after some time.

how long to run a pressure washer

We don’t want you to put any more money into your grounded machine at all. Taking good care of a pressure washer is the best way to use it for an extended period. Yes, my friends, it’s all true about it. So if you’re interested in this topic and want to learn more, continue reading it. Let’s closely look at how long you can run a pressure washer!


What Is A Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer is a vital instrument that washes things by generating pressured water. Electric and gas-powered pressure washers are available. Electric washers hook into electricity and are powered by an outlet, whereas gas washers need you to inject gas physically.

A thermal relief valve on gas-powered pressure washers pours boiled water into the bypassing cycle. Most pressure washers possess built-in security mechanisms to prevent injuries such as electrocution or burns. When using a pressure washer, keep it no closer than three feet from whatever you’re washing. Know how much water does a pressure washer use


For How Much Time A Pressure Washer Can Run?

So, how long to run a pressure washer? A power washer should not be used for over 5 minutes unless professional equipment. The length will vary depending on the brand, but it must be around 3 and 5 mins. Overheating might happen if you leave your pressure washer on for more than five minutes.

The most excellent suggestion we can provide is to turn off the device before doing anything else to avoid damaging the pump. Most essential, check your pressure washer’s gallons per unit rating (GPM) to verify enough water flow. 

If the syringe on the device is rated at 5 gallons per minute, be sure the water supply is at least 5.0 GMP. Cavitations, a phenomenon in which a trigger gun creates a pressure spike, will occur if the pressure is too low. In the worst-case scenario, it might permanently damage your pressure washer. The hitch is that these devices require a steady water supply to function properly. While water does not act as a lubricant, ensuring that adequate water flows through a pressure washer prevents overheating.


Is Your Pressure Washer Overheated When You Left It Running? 

Overheating is a problem with electric pressure washers. It may occur due to a variety of circumstances. For starters, leaving an electric pressure washer running when not in use might cause it to overheat. Pump damage is an expected outcome. A fault in the power supply circuit is another reason for overheating electric pressure washers.

Excessive heating in electric power washers can be caused by various issues, including defective capacitors and malfunctioning fuses, resulting in an electric shock. If you cannot execute a diagnostic test to determine the root of the problem, we recommend seeking expert assistance.


Is It Dangerous To Leave Your Pressure Washer Running?

Yes, using a pressure washer for longer than five minutes is a terrible idea. Do not leave the machine inactive for more than five minutes if you can’t turn it off after a minute or two. The inner workings of your pressure water pump will be damaged if you leave it operating since the pump will be damaged as the temperature rises.

The problem with pressure washers is that pressing the trigger on the trigger assures a steady flow of water into and out of the machine at a fixed GPM. Continuous flow means that the machine’s interior components stay cold, generally about 60 degrees. The water flow ceases when you pull the trigger but leave the motor running. Water recirculates in the pump, frequently at high pressure and bypassing the pump exit. Water continues to heat up as recirculation occurs.

Consider a scenario in which the water temperature in the pump head rises to 145 degrees. If the water continues to heat up, your power washer’s health will be jeopardized. The worst happens if you do not turn off the machine within five minutes. The device is damaged by overheating caused by water recirculation in pressure washer pumps. It’s terrible if you keep your pressure washer running for more than 5 minutes. Give your pressure washer a little break after this time. Here are the 9 ways to use a pressure washer that will blow your mind.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that you will learn how long to run a pressure washer from this article. Above, we have discussed a pressure washer and overheating the pressure washer when you keep it running. We hope that you digest this article just in one go. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end. Please share these articles with your friend if you like this! Click on this link to know how to use a Honda pressure washer.

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