How Long Does Platelet Donation Take? Awesome Facts To Know!

Are you wondering how long does platelet donation takes? Well, wonder no more because we will answer your question and not leave you with any doubts. However, if you want to know everything about the procedure of platelet donation, then keep on reading this article cause we have tried our best to cover everything regarding this topic in the best way possible. 

Platelets are cells found in our blood that help in forming clots to prevent or stop bleeding. Our bone marrow is the place where platelets get made. Now, if you do not know what bone marrow is, don’t stress out. It is a tissue in our bone, and the platelets are made here.

how long does platelet donation take

Well, can we take a moment to say that it is mind-blowing how some simple things in our body function? Allow us to explain how the platelets function so you can feel the same way as us. Now, if a blood vessel gets damaged, a signal is sent out to the platelets. The platelets quickly reach the site that is damaged. And form a clot to fix it. So, to round this up, we can say that platelets control the bleeding in our bodies. Now, you know what are platelets and what are their functions? Then we’ll look into what causes low platelets? Thirdly, we will discuss the procedure of donating platelets and some other necessary information. Now, if this interests you, then keep on reading this article. 


Why Do Low Platelets Occur? 

There are various answers to this question because this condition might occur due to several different reasons. However, some of the reasons are: 

  • When a person’s bone marrow cannot produce the required number of platelets on its own, this is sometimes due to certain types of cancers like Leukaemia. And, it can also be caused by the cancer treatments like chemotherapy. 
  • Severe injuries can also cause this condition due to the loss of platelets during excessive bleeding. 
  • Dengue fever can cause a massive drop in the platelet count at a rapid rate. A healthy person’s platelet count ranges from 1.5 to 4 lacs. And, in the case of dengue, it can go down to as low as 20,000 to 40,000. 
  • Sometimes, low platelets can also be caused by rare autoimmune diseases like Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). In this condition, the body starts producing antibodies that attack and destroy the platelets. 
  • Certain medicines and infections can also cause a person to develop low platelets. 


How Long Platelet Donation Take

According to The American Red Cross, every fifteen seconds, someone requires a platelet donation. Patients suffering from life-threatening conditions like cancer are entirely dependent on platelet donors to recover. Furthermore, the shelf-life of platelet donations is very limited; the platelets can only last up to five days after they are donated. Hence, creating a constant need for regular platelet donations. 

Let’s now look at some of the medical treatments that platelet donations help in. As we mentioned before, platelets control the bleeding in our bodies. Due to this, they play an essential role in surviving surgeries like organ transplants. In addition, platelet donations also help patients suffering from a condition known as thrombocytopenia. In this condition, the patient does not have enough of their platelets. Or, even if they have, the platelets are not functioning correctly. Moreover, platelets donations significantly help patients suffering from chronic diseases and severe injuries. Lastly, we have mentioned this a few times, but platelets donations are vital to patients battling certain cancers. 

They are now coming to the procedure of platelet donations. Initially, step one is to be eligible to become a donor. Well, there are a few requirements that the applicant should fulfill to donate. Firstly, the applicant should be at least seventeen years old. They should be in good physical and mental health. Furthermore, their decision to donate should be solely theirs and not under any mental pressure. They are required to weigh at least a hundred and ten pounds. 

Alright, once the applicant is eligible to become a donor. The donating process starts; platelet donation is also referred to as the ‘platelet pheresis’ or ‘apheresis.’ In this, blood is drawn from the donor’s arm and then goes through a cell-separating machine. This machine helps in separating the platelets from the plasma and other cells. The platelets are then obtained, and the plasma and red cells are returned to the donor by transfusing them into their bloodstream.

And, here comes the answer to your question; how long does platelet donation take? Well, the whole process of plateletpheresis takes about two hours. So, now once the donation process is complete, the platelets are obtained and used for treatments. You may want to know more about plateletpheresis-an overview



Well, this was the whole procedure of platelets donation. Together with getting the answer to your question, how long does platelet donation take? You got a bunch of other information too! You may also read about why is blood donation important and why was my blood donation rejected

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