How High Should Crib Mattress Be For Newborn? 2 Best Options!

How high should crib mattress be for newborn?

You might know how helpful cribs are for parents, especially mothers who still have many works to do.

How high should crib mattress be for newborn

But then again, cribs can sometimes be dangerous for babies. You have to know more about this.

One thing’s for sure. You would want your babies to have a comfortable sleep, which will happen if you have a good mattress.

When you buy a crib mattress, you have to consider its height and how tall it should be on the frame.

It would also help you out on deciding which is the more comfortable setup for your baby.

Always make sure that you know about these basic things, especially that it concerns your babies and are your treasures.

A parent would always think of ways on how he/ she should make the baby feel even more comfortable.


How High Should Crib Mattresses Be For Newborn? 

The only thing that keeps you waiting is to know how high you should level your crib mattress.

Worry less! I’ll be sharing my knowledge with you. I do know how important this is, especially to parents.

There are two levels, whereas one works best for newborn babies, but you better know both for future uses.

So, how high should crib mattress be for newborn?


Option #1. Keep it elevated

This option is the one you are finding for quite some time. Indeed this one is important for early weeks.

It is suitable for infants to be placed in an elevated area, especially in cribs.

So, you should know how to raise their crib mattress, whereas you will need to have your crib mattress at the highest peak of your bed.

You can buy a bulky mattress but then can think of ways to level it up.

Just be sure you know what size is a crib mattress to have a basis for it.

In which you should know how to measure a mattress correctly with that you should have enough knowledge.

It is vital to keep the mattress level high so that you will not have a hard time picking up or putting down your newborn.

Infants are fragile, so you should be very careful upon choosing your things, especially the sleeping place.

There are ways to elevate your crib mattress safely and efficiently to be able to do it safely.

But then make sure that you know what standard mattress size is. That one is important for you to know.


Option #2. Lay it flat

This option is mainly for bigger babies than those who can crawl, spin around or even walk and jump.

When your babies are big enough to discover new things, your mattress should be laid flat on the crib surface.

In that way, they will not be able to go up and down your crib. It will be very dangerous for babies if ever.

Cribs are helpful, but in the sense that you have many things to do and leave your babies, unattended consider this.

Better sure than sorry. Remember that your babies are developing and growing as time flies.

In which you have to consider changes in their strength and curiosity upon exploring things.

When they reach one year or two years old, they start walking, crawling, and even talking, so prepare for it.

As a mother, you would want to save and think of your purchases in which you can still use the old crib.

It would help if you bought it big and tall enough for you to use until they reach three years old or more.

Applying the first idea is one way to avoid buying a new crib and having trouble with this right after.

All you have to do is to buy a crib mattress. You should also know how to keep your baby safe in a crib.


What Is The Size Of A Crib Mattress?

Upon deciding how high should your crib mattress be for your newborn, you also need to consider the size.

I sure think you are also interested in knowing what size is crib mattress for your baby.

It will keep them comfortable and feel better when they are sleeping, making it a good thing for you.

They can sleep on it longer and undisturbed in an instance. Indeed a crib mattress is helpful.

But then the size of it is about 53 inches long and 28 inches wide. You have to make sure that it matches your crib.

You can have it customized, but then that is the standard size for it. It should be in the correct size.

It will also give you problems later on, and it can lead to severe injuries for your baby, which isn’t good at all.



And that’s it for the topic we had today. I hope I was able to help you out and that you learned a lot.

We managed to answer, “How high should crib mattress be for newborns?”

I hope that you will be a good parent for your baby and that you will always think before you decide.